Chapter 1Mature

How far will you go to seek revenge?
Thirteen years ago I swore that I would avenge my father by killing the man that killed my father in cold blood. For thirteen years I trained hard, becoming the person I am today. Every step that I take brings me that much closer...

The night whispered to me it Whisper as I perched upon the roof. My fingers felt the cold wet tiles just under my finger tips and kept my balance. The air blew again whispering into my ear the wonders of the night. I was the Whisper and the wind gave me the words I needed. The right window on the second floor suddenly let light out through the cracks in the panels before the panels were swung open allowing all at the window to see out and all outside the window to see in.

I licked my dry lips finally spotting a chance as my target stood openly in the window without any knowledge I was on the roof of the house across the cobbled street from his. I drew an arrow from my quiver and notched it on my bow. I did not aim yet though waiting for my signal. 

My eyes flicked to the area behind him. Into the room which I knew to be a bedroom but not the bedroom of my target. No it was the bedroom of his lover who he had been repetitively cheating on his wife with. I rocked back on my heels waiting. I needed the confirmation that he was a cheat. I did not kill innocent men just because I had been asked. No. I only went through with a contract if a man was guilty. 

The wind blew and I heard the sound of a call come out the window from the depths of the room. I could not see who had spoken but I was guessing it was his lover. I drew back my bow aiming at the man. My arrow would fly into his chest as an angle which would slip through his ribcage and bury in his heart ending his life instantly. 

No revival would be possible once I let my arrow fly which is why I was waiting for sight of the women. She had to join her lover by the window at some point. She was still awake. My previous plan had been to sneak in once I was certain they were asleep but now I had this chance not to enter the abode I would not miss it.

Come on, come on, I thought almost in prayer that the lover would come to the window. Then she did with long golden hair and only strapped up in a mere corset she approached her lover from behind. She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his neck every so slowly. The man smiled a dark smile and I was disgusted to be watching it. Men were disgusting. The only honest men I knew were assassins. We had a code, which may seem odd, and the whole brotherhood stuck by it.

There were rogues of course who had no honor. The ones that were sleeze and would cut a little girls throat for enough coin. Not the brotherhood though. I was honored to be apart of it.

My target was about to turn but I had wasted enough time and let my arrow fly. It buried in his chest the force causing him to stumble back. His body started to slump back into his lover, a wait she could not support, as ruby red blood soaked his previously unstained shirt. I sat back on my heels and let out a soft breath. The job was done and put my bow over my head and rest on my right shoulder so I could leave.

The lover was screaming her pointless calls for help causing a racket that woke the rest of the street. I cursed and turned heading to the other side of the roof jumping the two stories with ease and landing perfectly on my feet, the runes on my boots flashing blue for a second.

I started up a gentle whistle as I took an easy pace down the street but I also listened out to the wind. I needed to head to my client and tell her the job had been done. As I reached the right street though I felt my body tense as I smelled the thick odor of magic through the air. Especially from the house I was meant to head to.

Something was not right I knew. I could sense it in the very depth of myself but I headed to the house anyway.

Soon enough I found myself in chains....

The End

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