Revenge: Couple of Minutes

He hated them. Or even something worse then hate. But it made sense. They weren’t his friends. He hated them and they hated him. It was the group of popular kids in Peter’s high school: Mitch, Sadie, Tanner, Rob and Jen.

Peter didn’t need them as friends anyway. He found his best friend. And it was the hand gun he pointed at Mitch on the day of revenge.

It was the day to torment the so-called mean kids and to release the stress of their other targets. It was the day that changed everything and everybody in Allen Prep High School.

It was the day that morphed how people look at revenge. Because of revenge, lives were torn apart, some were lost and people were broken.

But it was mostly the day for an eye-opening. It proved that some things people do to others cut too deep and hurt too much. And that those things push the victims into doing crazy acts that just go too far.

So remember that everything can be changed in a couple of minutes. And any act against someone can be just asking for revenge.

The End

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