Why Wont You Let Yourself Love MeMature

They were both in the same game.... but they were not on the same team
Which would you choose....your love or your revenge?
This is Justin and Stephanie's Reality



"Oh my gosh Justin!" Julia screamed.

"That was amazing, Justin. I didn't know you had that in you." Julia shot me a smirk, kissing my chest before laying her head upon it. Yeah, that's what you thought. I said in my mind. Keeping silent, I just kept my focus on the ceiling chandelier in my room.

"Justin?" She questioned, looking up at me from her place on my body, picking her head up and staring at my eyes. I just kept my eyes up at the ceiling before answering,

"What, Julia?" I asked irritated before looking down into her now glazed brown eyes.

"You just had sex with me and you can't even take the time to look me in the eyes?" She questioned. I just kept my eyes on the chandelier. 

"Justin!" She pushed herself off me so she could sit on the lower half of my abdomen.

"What the fuck do you want?" I shifted my gaze onto her dark brown almond eyes.

She now had tears streaming down her face. "Why won't you let yourself love me?" She questioned. I just scoffed, pulling her off me and sitting her on the right side of me on the bed.

"I don't love, Julia. I already told you that. I fuck." I smirked, pushing the covers off my body and pulling my boxers and loose jeans on, sitting on the edge of the bed with my feet on the hardwood of the floor, back facing Julia.

"You've been fucking me for over three months and you still feel absolutely nothing?" She questioned. I just stayed silent.

"What would it look like falling in love with you, Julia?" I looked at her over my shoulder.

She had the white sheets of my wrapped around her chest, her mascara dripping down her face. "Oh, so that's it. Your embarrassed of me?"

I turned so I was facing her. "For fuck sake Julia, were part of the same pack. How would it look if I 'loved' you?"

"Please Justin. I know your not that cold hearted." She was  practically begging me to just fucking drop shit and fall in love with her.

She inched closer to me. I had already stood up, my body facing her. "Justin," She finally reached me. She had the covers pulled off her and she was completely bare sitting on the bed before me. She lifted her hands up my abdomen until her smooth hands were around my neck and she had her naked body pressed against me. Moving herself up, she brushed her lips against my ears and whispered, "Don't fight this. You know you can't deny me of what I want. I always get what I want. And right now, I want you." She moved her lips away from my ear and looked straight at me, her gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips.

"Don't.." I warned her, my command coming out more like a whisper. As much as I hate to admit this, when she had herself on me like this, it was hard not to want to fuck her. Flicking her brown hair back and batting her long lashes which are fake like every other thing about her, she pressed her warm lips against mine.

Pulling me back on top of her, she pulled the rim of my jeans. "Lets get these stupid things off you so we can get a little more.....close." She looked up at me. And just like that, I caved into her devious ways.


"You can't have me, Bruce. Not this time!" I screamed. Pulling me by the arm, he forced me to face him before throw me against the table.

"You were my bitch the day you decided you wanted to be with me."I barked in my face through gritted teeth.

"I was never yours, you fucktard. You took me, remember?" I questioned. It probably wasn't the best idea to spit that out at him but I shocked and wanted him to know he didn't have control over me.

"Oh really?" He picked me up off the glass table full of plates and silverware and smashed me into the wall. I winced in pain. It wasn't until then that I felt a piece of glass from the table pierce my back and now that I was hit against the wall, it dug deep into my skin.

"Bruce..." Was all I could spit out.

"Bruce?" He mimicked me in a soft voice. "What is it cupcake? Bruce-y hurt you little back?" He stared at my eyes. I felt the back of my eyes pinch and the tears escape.

"Fuck you..." I screamed at him. I made sure to spit in his face after each word. Before I knew it, a punch came into contact with my cheek and I felt the blood form in my mouth.

"You.....you just punched me..." I stared at him in shock.

"Oh did? Guess what?" He paused. " I can do it again." He punched me again, this time on the left side of my face.

"Bruce!" The scream erupted from my throat. I did my best to try and get out of his grasp. My feet were off the floor as Bruce lifted me higher, punching my abdomen.

"Ahhh, stop.....please." I begged. I was mad I had to beg for him to stop. He was hurting me . I felt as if the air had been knocked out my body and I was drowning in a sea of despair.

The other pack members were scattered all around the living room, head straight. Some of the were trying not to focus on my screams. They all turned away from them, with saddened expressions on their faces.

"I think that's enough, Bruce." Marcus stated. 

"You don't tell me what the fuck to do, Roberts. This is my chick and I can do whatever the fuck I want with her." He stated, while I was still trying to get some oxygen into my lungs, I felt dizzy and just wanted to die. I was in so much pain. The lights, they were all too much, the noise, the blow to my body. And just like that, my knees hit the floor with a loud "smack!". He dropped me. A feeling of shock shot through my knees and up my thighs and legs.

"Ugh," A scream erupted from my thoat.

"Marco, bring this slut into the bedroom." Bruce yelled. Marco hesitated. "I said now!"

Marco rushed over to me and picked me off the floor. "Are you okay, Steph?" He whispered into my ear, scared Bruce might hear him.

Forcing a smile, I looked up at him through hooded eyes "Yeah, Marc, i'm fine" I lied. 

Bringing me into the room he said goodbye. "Goodnight, Steph." He kissed my cheek lightly, which still hurt but I didn't  tell him that. Marco was like my older brother. He was always there for me when no one else was. 

I laid there in Bruce's bed, and I could hear Mama Jones screaming at Bruce.

".....What the fuck do you think your doing laying your hands on a women?.......and "I did not raise you like this.."

It wasn't long before Mama Jones walked into the room. "Aw, baby. Bruce did all this to you?" She questioned in shock. I simply nodded my head. I never wanted or have ever had the urge to show people my weakness and cry infront of others, but once she walked in, I broke into sobs.

"It's okay baby, I made sure to deal with him."She walked over to the bed and lifted my head, resting it back on her lap.

We just stayed like that for a while, she just stroked my hair and stayed in the silence of the room.

"Stephie, baby. I need to understand something." She said after a while of silence.

Turning my neck around, I stared up at her. "What is it Mama?" I called her my mom since my mom and my father said they didn't want me in their family once they found out what my profession is.

"Why do you stay, baby?" She looked down at me.

"Because.....I had nothing before Bruce. I was living off the streets, selling my body for money, depressed. He gave me a roof over my head and all this."I motioned toward the whole room. It was a big room that was probably the size of my whole parents house. The whole room was white. A big screen television, two walk in closets, and all the luxuries that come from living this kind of lifestyle.

"But do you love him or do you love what he does for you?" She questioned. Sitting up to face her, I pondered the thought for a while.

Just then, Bruce walked into the room. "What the fuck is going on here?" He questioned.

"Bruce, you can bring your ass back out the room! I am talking to Stephanie!" She barked at him. Just when Bruce was about to luge forward at her, I broke in.

"Bruce! It's okay Mama Jones.  You can go. Thank you for keeping me company." I gave her a sympathetic smile and a hug.

"Okay, bye baby. She pushed back my bangs and kissed my cheeks.

"You do shit to her and I kill you, you understand Bruce?!" Mama Jones gave him a pointed finger before she walked out, closing the door and leaving Bruce to deal with me.

"You know what I'm going to have to do to you, right?" He questioned. Ugh. I already knew what it was. Getting off the bed and pulling off my jeans and blouse, I stood there, arms wrapped around me, looking anywhere but Bruce.

"Come here." I asked me to inch forward. Doing as he said, it wasn't long before I got the job done and over with. 



"Okay boys, and girl, we have a lot of shit we need to get done." Bruce stated. We were all sitting in the living room, which was white also. We were had just sat down when Bruce called a group meeting. 

"I'm afraid this isn't going to be the best group meeting we've ever had." We all waited until he elaborated.

"I'm afraid there's a new pack that have come here." We kept silent. Everyone stopped moving, all our attention focused on Bruce. "I think there here to steal L.A. right from under us."

"They hell they will!" Marco screamed in a manly voice. "California is ours!" Brian proceeded to chime in.

"Sit your asses down!" Bruce barked. "If anyone is pissed, it's me. I'm not done so care to sit down?" They did what Bruce said, grunting as they did so.

"Stephanie?" Bruce turned to me. I was currently sitting next to him, not my choice of course.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Do you think you could track them down and locate where their territory is?" Bruce asked.

"No problem. That's it?" I questioned. I was the one that worked with the computers, tracking, planning the missions, and the small,skinny one who could fit through small spaces to get what everyone wants.

"If you can get more than yes, dig and get all you can on the fuckers." Marco spoke for Bruce, smiling at me. "Its what you do best babe."

I smiled back. "Will do. Now get your lazy asses up. We got a pack to take down." 

And with that, everyone laughed and got to work, going their seperate ways. I went to the office and the boys went wherever they did.


"Now listen." Rob started. He's the leader of the pack but we both know he can't control shit I do.

"Since we got here, Justin has been off his shit and Julia won't stop bitching. What the fuck is going on? You know what, nevermind. I don't wanna know. All I know is we just got here and if we want to successfully have New York AND Los Angeles under our wing, we can't have this shit going on." 

"Go fuck yourself." I muttered, pulling off my snapback and placing it backwards on my head.

"I don't have time for your shit, Justin. These Revengers  are one of the most notorious gangs here in California, possibly the whole U.S and if we want that title for us NY Leagues, were gonna need to take them down, hard."


The End

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