My feet were pounding against the wet, rooty ground of the never ending, green forest. In my tired arms my daughter  is screaming hysterically for her mother.

I trymy best to soothe her as we are running. Behind us, I can hear the metalic sound of the monster who ended my wifes life.

In my minds eye I see the look on my wifes face just before she was shot. Her pale blue eyes betraying te fear she is trying so hard to hide.She holds our daughter and gives her a hug. She the looks at me  AND SAYS;

"Keep her safe. Please. Keep he safe for me." Our daughter, then looks at her cryiing.

"Mum please don't go" she pleads clinging onto her.

"I have to. I will see you soon. I promise." she replys. "Now go." She gives our daughter back to me. That was whe I ran. I heard the sound of my wifes scream as she is slowly disssolved.

I want to stop and seek revenge...but I promised her I wouldn't.; My daughter, Ashley, named after her  mum, has quiented down to sbs now. We have been running for half a day. She is tired. Like I am. But we cannot stop. The monsters are still following us. We need to keep moving. Ahead all the time.

They are gaining on us. I burst into a clearing with a large grey square in it. I remember mum and dad, before they were taken, telling me aboutsmooth stones being built together to make a 'home' for people in the 21s centuary. I didn't believe them. But if they were lying what is this?

I steel a quick glance behind me, I can't see the monsters so I step up a small hill with eculiarly straight edges.  It was strangly solid as well. I step onto the next one and look up. I see loads of them. my legs are autommatically moving up them.

A shley is staring at them curiously. At leas the monster are not coming yet.I am starting to feel an ache in my chest. I know is is pain. But not the type where you have cut yourself  it is a pain a of great love and loss.Thatwill take ages to go away. I got it when my mum and dad were taken away. But somehow I know this time it will be worse. I want to drop and cuddle up into a ball. I want to let them take me. To get rid of the pain. I can't. Ashley iskeeping me strong.

I have finished going up th mini hills and beore me I see a big light brown rectangle in the middle of  the grey mound.I look to the leftand see some seethrough wood. I look at it again. Blink. Look at it again. walk up to it. I have forgotten the monsters I am etranced by this strange see through material. I touch it. It is hard but smooth. like the stuth surrounding it.

I am about to look through when Ashley screams. I look around. They are coming up the mini hills! I run over to the rectangle and remember my mum telling me that they have a silver tounge on them . You say 'open'and the rectangle moves apart.

"Open" I say hoping it works. With a creak and groan the rectangle moves apart. Before they open poperly I have run in. I look for a place to hide and see a small table.

"Ashley get under the table" I tell her.

"But dad... Where will you go ?" She askes getting under the table.

"Do not make a sound and whatever happens promise me you will get out when it's safe." I said quickly to avoide the quiestion.

"Yes dad, I promise" She said then closed her eyes.

I look behind me. They are there. I stand up. Bringing every ounce of power and strenght up wit me. I move towards the moster that killed my wife. It points it's laser at me. I give a high kick and knock it oout of it's hand.

The monster has extra lasers. I run. And enter another rectangled entryway. Then I stop...

Right before me is my wifes necklace. Her favourite nacklax#ce. The one i gave two months ad#fo. We thought monkeys had stole it.  fall to my knees and weep. I let the monster shoot me. The last thought I have before I enter the blackness is Ashley please be safe. 

The End

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