Lost Lenore

Michael was tense I could see it in the way he set his shoulders, high and pushed back as though he was trying to thrust his chest out of his expensive suit.

“Read all that back to me Lenore”


“In the future I see a beautiful land, flourishing with a bright future for our children, for their children. We’ve made it possible to raise our families without fear of crime or infection from the scum we had floating across our Island! We’ve taken back the economy from the greedy hands of the democratic politicians and reinvested it back into the people that matter. The people whose elbow grease and hard work have cleaned up the inner cities making it safe to walk about at night, cleaned up the education system so that our children can grow up well educated and successful, cleaned up the NHS so that free healthcare can still be available to those who deserve this. You did this England; you did this with your grit and hard work! I salute you, every single one of you for bringing us into a new era! Rule Britannia!”


I finish and sit back in my chair crossing my legs under the desk, Michael thinks for a moment before letting his eyes travel slowly across me.

“What did you think?” He asks perching on the desk and leaning forward to frown down at the neatly typed speech in front of me.

“I liked the emphasis you put on the masses, this is defiantly something you should be saying at the working men’s clubs, and it makes them feel appreciated.”

Michael smiles and brushes blonde hair from is face before walking back to his office speech in hand.

“That’ll be all Lenore, take a break I’ll see you in about an hour.


I’ve been working here for about three years, my mother was so proud when she knew I’d be working as an assistant to the Prime Minister, she’d cried when I got my uniform and she sang my praises to the neighbours. I think this is the first thing I’ve done that in my whole life that she can connect with me on. But within the first six months of being here I knew things that I would have given my life not to know, I learnt things about this country that made me ashamed.


If someone told you to do something you really did not want to do you’d rebel, push against them and stubbornly stand your ground, at least I would. But this government seems to have a hold, like it controls everything you are and everything you stand for.

I'd gradually lost all hope, hunched my shoulders and just went with the flow.

SIghing softly I continued to type out the cards ready for Michaels speech, I was more down then usual today, I had visited the deporatation camps with Michael who wanted to be seen as having a commanding prescence in the role of deportation general. And I'd had to suffer through it.

The starving ones were the worst, so desperate for food that they had no care for their own physical safety, grabbing on the shoes of people as they walked past, begging for food and sustanance and being bashed back with the barrels of guns. I don't think I can carry on anymore.

I lean back in the chair and read once more through the filthy speech! I laugh quietly to myself as I read the line "The streets are safe to walk at night!" Lynch mobs, death squads, Nazi's and policeman! If you didn't have your identity tag and yur chip you were immediatly banged up in jail, beaten, molested you name it and it happened! People are scared.

But what is a girl to do? I have a brilliant job, an excellant house, my mother anf family are cared for. I should be the happiest erson in the world. So why am I so lost?

The End

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