This is just a short story I once made up when I was babysitting a 8 year old, I thought I'd show you all cos she seemed to like it :) (where it has brackets around something, you can choose to insert a name)
It's a story about a princess who's family went missing in a storm, the princess is then kidnapped by a witch until she plans to run away, she endures a fierce dragon and meets a handsome prince along the way. I've written the first bit :)

Once upon a time there was a little princess. Her name was [Claire], and the princess was the prettiest princess anyone had ever seen. Her parents were overjoyed with love and care for their new born baby. 5 years later a terrible storm came and washed the castle away, the princess was the only one left unharmed and lonly with only her small teddy, [Sukii] to comfort her. [Claire] wandered into town where a woman brought her into her home and cared for her. But it turned out the woman was an evil witch who wanted the princess for her magic spells. Over the years [Claire] grew up in the presence of a witch, she was sick of the witch always cutting her hair, or clipping her nails for her potions. She even took the teddy from her and locked it away.

One day, she decided to run away. She knew the witches routine by now and she knew where all the keys to the door were. But before she even thought of leaving, she knew she had to do one thing. Get her teddy back! She waited until the witch was asleep and silently tip-toed through the rackity house. The keys were right next to the aging cupboard, she reached for them slooowly; grabbed them and opened the cupboard. Lying there was her beloved teddy [Sukii]. She opened her hands and reached for the teddy, her eyes alight. But in the joy she had forgotten about the witch. The keys dropped and the witch woke up. "PUT THAT TEDDY BACK" she screamed. [Claire] jumped up in fear and dashed for the door. SHe slammed the door and the witch's face and her and the house went up in a puff of smoke. [Claire] gulped, she had nowhere to live and just a teddy bear to comfort her. She ran for the hills, in floods of tears but up there was a boy, a very cute boy. A boy of her age and a boy, who was looking at her. She patted her hair down and tried to look pretty. He smiled at her, she blushed because he was soo good looking!

The boy stood up, he did a slow bow as [Claire] curtseyed. He laughed, held out a hand and said "[Tom]"; She didn't quite understand what was going on, he noticed she was puzzled, then she realised, "Oh, hi erm.. I'm [Claire]"

The End

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