Waking up on a deserted beach, a young man has a surprise he was not expecting.

He awoke upon a golden beach, with the warm sea water lapping up his feet. For a few moments, he just lay, unmoving, on the warm sand, gazing up into the bright blue sky watching the seagulls above gracefully glide high above him with little to no effort. Gradually he wiggled his hands and toes, making sure that each one was perfectly fine and in working order. Once he was sure that everything was fine, he slowly sat up, brushing the sand out of his hair and surveyed his surroundings.

In front of him, he could see the warm sea water was a brilliant shade of blue that was so clear he could see the sea floor for around 10 metres out from where he was. Looking to his left and right he could see that the golden beach he was sat on continued majestically towards the horizon and beyond, it`s smooth colour fading into the distant horizon. leaning round in order to see behind him, he gazed upon a small little beach house, painted bright white and sporting an old yet usable deck with chairs and umbrella made from massive green leaves that he concluded must of come from the massive forest behind the house.

Scrambling to his feet, he looked to his left and realised that the pure gold of the beach was broken by a dark shape that was gradually getting closer. Squinting to try and see what it was, he gasped as he realised that the shadow was in fact a woman. Walking towards her, his eyes steadily started to widen as he could see more and more of the woman who was walking towards him until he finally just stumbled to a halt, as he managed to see her complete face for the first time. He could barely believe who it was. Who had managed to find him on this deserted beach. It was her.

Suddenly finding a burst of energy, he ran towards her full speed across the sand and in seeing this, she did the exact same thing and ran full speed towards him. After a few seconds of them both kicking up clouds of sand behind their pounding feet, they finally met and grasped each other in a massive, passionate hug, neither of them willing to let go. After a few minutes of them stood in each other`s embrace, he finally let go and stepped back in order to look at her properly.

"I always wanted to tell you this but I was always so afraid of what you`d say until now... I.. I love you. And I always have done, from the moment we first talked to each other and I wish I had told you before but.." 

Slowly at first, he spoke but gradually he became quicker and quicker until gently, she put her finger up to his lips silencing him instantly.

"Ssssh it`s ok. I`m here now and now that I know, I can finally tell you something as well. Because you know what?" She gently said, reaching up on her tiptoes in order to look into his eyes. 

"I always loved you too."

With that she kissed him, slowly and gently as the dark orange sun slowly started to set behind the bright blue sea, illuminating the two lovers in it`s last desperate rays as they shared their first and last kiss.

Meanwhile, from another, much harsher horizon, the sun rose with the beginning of another dreary day. As it`s now weak and hazy rays slowly crept across the smooth morning sea, it settled for a moment on the floating body of a young man. Around his neck was a open pendant which showed a young woman with a kind smile on her face. A mirror image of the same smile that was on the young man`s pale dead face. After a few moments of it`s rays focussing on the body, the sun slowly moved higher into the sky. It`s rays now looking a little bit less bright, and a little more pale.

The End

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