Returning Home

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It had been a good many years since he'd had any inclination to return to Rome.  The memories that he had left of his home were filled with nothing but pain.  Yet decades later, he found himself seeking answers in the one place he swore he'd never return to.

The smell of fresh rain permeated the air outside the airport and as promised, the limo had been waiting for him curbside.   He had been away from his families wealth and power for so long, that he'd nearly forgotten how it felt to not have to do every little thing for himself.  He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair as he waited patiently for the driver to finish storing his bags in the trunk.  He was not looking forward to the lengthy drive back to the Estates.  It offered to much time for him to think... think back on his tainted past.   It had taken his brother the better part of nearly a decade to convince him to return home and having been back for only minutes, he was already wondering if he'd made a terrible mistake; But he'd felt it... even thousands of feet above the Vatican Museums, he'd felt the pull.  Something was not quite right and so here he was.

As the limo pulled through the wrought iron gates and wound it's way up the drive, to Dayton, it was if time had stood still since he'd left the De Luca Estates all those years ago.  The grounds were identical to those he'd remembered from his childhood and even as he'd grown older.  The Estate had been well cared for in his absence by his older brother Gio and the staff that they kept on hand.  Everything was as it should have been, at least to anyone who didn't know their past.

Having showered and changed his clothes, he sat, now as his father had sat so many times before in their home's office, deep in thought.  Yes, the Estates had been cared for, had been cleaned well over the years, but there was nothing that could be done to remove the stain of..

His train of thought was lost at the loud knock on the office door.  He rubbed his eyes and peered towards the clock before standing and moving around the desk, "Come in."

Gio wasted no time as he slipped through the opening and moved towards his brother, "How're you settling in Dayton?"

"I am well enough for the moment.  Concerned that the practice might not flourish as much here in Rome like it did in Auckland."  He slid with a feline grace onto the corner of the desk, watching his brother's movements.

"Business will be just fine."  Gio stopped behind one of the high leather back chairs and leaned against it idly.

"I'm glad you're so optimistic about it."

Smirking as only he could, Gio eyed his brother carefully, "Quit being so negative Dayton, you will get a case soon that will.. peak your interest I'm sure of it.  As a matter of fact, I'm quite sure it'll be just what you need."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Before Dayton could argue any further with his brother, the sound of the intercom beeping interrupted them.

"Dr. De Luca?"

"Yes Audrey?"

"Did you want me to go ahead and get your case files ready for you now?"

He paused long enough to offer his brother a careful study before suppressing a sigh, "Yes please do, I'll be at the office in less than ten minutes."

The End

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