"Welome! Please, come in, come in. If you would please write down your name in that book, and your race slash abilies, then you can get settled right away." I smiled to her. She looked at me nervously, before she jumped, as Shade climbed up, onto my shoulder.

"Oh, a newbie!" it sqeaked, with it's funny little laugh.

"Please excuse my manners. I'm Ami, and this is Shade. It's a shapeshifter. Mostly a ferret though." I smiled. As Venus went further in, I turned my head, to look sternly at Shade. "Listen, no playing pranks unless they're on someone who needs to be taught what fun is."

"Aye, aye!" it said, doing a little salut. I rolled my eyes, and we walked about, waiting for the next person, animal, thing, to come along.

The End

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