Umm... Emm.... Ugh.... Mrrt?Mature

Shade came skittering down the stairs, following the sound of Ami's call. The little shapeshifter was dripping wet and there were still smudges of blue paint on its tail, but most of it was gone at last. Shade had not enjoyed its trip to the shower, the soap had got right up its nose and the sheer slippery bottom of the shower had been hard enough to stand on with human feet!

The fact that the towels stank of lavender had not helped either.

Shooting up Ami's leg and perching on her shoulder, wet fur dripping onto her shoulder, Shade peered at the newbie. The little ferret's eyes widened at the girl, she smelt really really odd.

"Umm... Emmm.... Erm.... Mrrt?" said Shade, sniffing the girl inquisitively.

Ami laughed and picked the dripping rodent off her shoulder.

"You little monster," she said. "Look at me! I'm soaked!"

Shade snickered and looked back up at the girl.


The End

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