Umm... Hey...Mature

Right, you know went you're walking along and suddenly, BAM! You bang your head against a door frame (I was constantly bruised when I ten because of this...), it hurts doesn't it? Yeah? Well, try magnifying that the the size of a house. then you can moan, 'cause I can tell you something.

It hurts.

I know, like Mum always tells me, 'you should look where you're going and not zone out all the time, like a human on SMACK.' As you can see, my mother is very sympathetic, Chimps only know how she managed to make me.

All I can say is this, I hope this Community building has giant-friendly doors, or else I will senile by the end of the year - not a nice thought.

Moving around several bends in the road, thanking the cover of the dark night, I move to where Ami's message told me to go. I see it and crouch (or rather crawl) under some trees and wave through the window to Ami and Shade the ferret on her shoulder like a fox scarf... The Ferret is paint stained... humm, how odd...

"Hey!" I say - loudly - catching their attention like a fly to a Venus fly trap.

"Go round the back!" Ami calls, I need and comply.

The End

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