Oh Well...Mature

I stroked Shade's painted fur. "No, although, do you remember Cassie?"

"Giant girl?"

"Yeah, she'll be here in a bit."

"Anyone else?"

"Dunno, they won't turn on their bloody cell phones."

"Oh well..."

"Cassie'll have to go in the back way; i've put in a bigger door, just in case."

"Yup. She's room three, right?"

"Mmm-hmm, let me just write that down. I'm keeping track of everyone who comes here. We might have to put some extensions on te house, or someone sleeps on the sofa!" I giggled. Shade gave a snort. She sat on my shoulder, and I took her up stairs, to show her her room. A bed, a mini fridge, a wardrobe, a chest of drawer and a mini bath room.

"like the paint?" I asked. I had splatted paint of every colour all over the walls, and a lamenat floor. She glanced to the side. "Is that a wheel?" she asked, glancing at it.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist.." I chuckled to her,  before grabing some pale blue towels forr her, since she needed to get the paint off.

The End

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