Paint Incoming!Mature


Shade let out an alarmed squeak as a large canister of paint landed on top of it. Emitting outraged squeak-yowls, the shapeshifter wriggled out from under the bucket, it's fur now stained blue with pain. It looked down at itself, glaring in a way only irritated rodents can, before trying to shake the paint off. However, all this accomplished was spraying paint over everything in the vicinity.

Alright, it thought, wheeling on the paint bucket, revenge time...

Several minutes later and Shade was sitting in the middle of the room in the form of a large hippo, the sqashed remnants of the paint bucket crushed under it's enormous backside. Shade grinned, feeling accomplished, before turning back into a ferret and skittering off through the house and shooting up Ami's leg to perch on her shoulder. Ami jumped, almost dropping the phone, but giggled when she saw the blue-stained Shade perched on her shoulder.

"Don't ask." said Shade, scratching itself in an attempt to get the paint off. "So, any luck with the calls?"

The End

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