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Meet Sandy, a self entitled 19 year old who has lived off the fat of her hard working parents for her entire life. Sandy has never had to do without, and has never had to lift a finger to earn anything in her life. But now that's all about to change.

"Now I'm just fucking bored", Sandy said to herself as she gazed out the window towards her neighbors house. "Spying on people, what is wrong with me?" She placed the binoculars  on her nightstand and flopped face down onto her mattress.  "I can't believe my life is so fucking lame."  Flipping open her phone she sent a text message to her best friend Tara "OMG, I'm so F'NG BORED! SAVE ME" SEND.  Tossing the phone aside she arose from the bed and went to her closet.  "Hmmmm, boring clothes too!"

Sandy found herself very restless this afternoon, more so than any other as of late.  She had felt this coming on for a few days now, with the anticipation of all that had happened recently.  She had just graduated from High School four months earlier, and now here she was in the beginning of fall, alone.  All of her other friends, including Tara, had gone off to college.  "Fuck college", she had jokingly stated on numerous occasions when it was the subject of conversation.  "Who needs it, you ugly bitches, that's who", Sandy would chide.  "I don't have to worry about money, my father has millions, and I'll marry money too."  "Oh yeah, I'm sure you will Melrose" Tara said.  Tara had been calling Sandy Melrose for years.  "You're so dramatic Sandy, you remind me of Melrose Place."  

Sandy was a beautiful girl, who had the world eating from the palm of her hand ever since the day she was born.  She was just one of those kids, you know the kind, so perfectly formed, so precious.  People yearned to be graced with her presence, and she took full advantage of that as soon as she was old enough to realize the power she wielded.  Especially with her father, Carlton Whitley.  Mr. Whitley was a fairly simple man, especially when it came to the female species.  He'd always had trouble maintaing control in his relationships with women.  Here he was now in his 46th year, divorced for the past 7 years, a single father of a now adult daughter.  Sandy had continued to live with her father after the divorce, mostly because she couldn't stand the asshole her mother had left her dad for.  Plus life with her father was easy.  There were no real rules, and just like always, she was daddy's little princess.  

It was hard for Carlton to remember when and why things had deteriorated between he and Sandy's mother Marlene, but he was forced to think on it often since Sandy always wanted to know.  "Why did Mom leave you Dad?" she would ask about once every six to eight months.  "I've told you before my dear, if I knew that I wouldn't be divorced right now."  He suspected that it may have had to do with how much he worked, or how little time he spent at home when he was at home.  Even when he wasn't working, his mind was.  He couldn't ever focus on anything other than what was pressing at the office at the moment.  Marlene would get so angry with him, "Carlton! Are you listening to me, did you hear what I just said?"  Then one day he came home and she was gone.  A couple of days later he would receive divorce papers.  From that day he vowed he was going to be more of a family man, especially as it pertained to Sandy.  It was a promise he wouldn't keep.  

BZZZZZZZZ.... "Chill bitch, I'll call you in a few", came the return text message from Tara.  Sandy closed her phone and headed downstairs to the kitchen.  The house was empty this afternoon.  This was becoming the regular scene and Sandy was stir crazy.  "I need a hobby!"  she said aloud as she sat at the bar in front of her laptop.  "Let's see what my FB peeps are up to today." Logging into Facebook she checked the current news feed of some of her friends.  "Can't believe I just scored tickets to Korn" was Brandon Jellers status.  "My Mom just told me I look fat in this shirt" was Kayla Henderson's.  "What goes around comes around" was Jerry Fellowes.  Same regurgitated stuff she had read every day of her life.  "Nothing new and exciting here either."  

Sandy left the kitchen and headed back upstairs to her room.  Returning to her closet she aimlessly ruffled through her clothes looking for an outfit to wear.  She gave up after about two minutes and headed to the bathroom to shower.  The hot water soothed her and took her away from her anxiety momentarily.  It felt good to just relax under the hot stream.  There weren't many moments where she felt comfortable being alone, but this was one of them.  She caressed her body as she washed herself and slowly let herself slide into a blissful moment of self pleasure.  Several moments later she was out of the shower and back in front of her closet wrapped in a towel looking for the same outfit she was unable to find 15 minutes earlier.  "Guess it's time to go shopping."

The End

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