Return of the Sentinel Times

A sentinel is a gifted human-like being with highly unhuman-like attributes. Often solitary they were once haunted by intervention pleas to engage with human kind at times of distress. Tired of this existence most have turned their back on humanity and use their priviliged existence to their own gain. At least one of them is different...

Sentinels are oblivious to their fate & status until a point of crisis.

Some, the majority even, never realise it at all; treading ordinary paths, unknowingly spinning their gifting away on a quiet, wholly unremarkable life. Eventually these still-born sentinels slip soundlessly into their grave, never reaching  that critical point of metamorphosis.

Others however, experience the sentinel change in a revelatory, traumatic moment.

So it was for James Peter Gregory.

Somehow, the blade would not, could not cut his throat. It made no sense. His assailant's eyes, ever darker until the point of attempted and then failed murder lost understanding and gained fear instead. He ran and James slipped down the wall, his back aching but throat fully intact, puking as he did so.

The End

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