Return of the Gods #1: Artemis

After joining together to form the Clan, six demigods are on a quest to save the twisted world they live in. The Officials have taken over and everyone is what Claire calls a "robotizen". They are going to bring back the Greek gods. Their first mission is to find Artemis.


The young woman stared at the glass window. The Officials would arrive at any moment. She tried hard to remember her real name, but she couldn't. She had been Spider for too long. Everyone had been assigned a new name to supposedly wash away their old lives. But Hayley (yes, that was it!) knew better than to believe the crap the government was spewing. She was the last one who wasn't genetically modified to be the same as everyone else. The other citizens (more like mindless robots, Hayley thought) all had dark brown hair and eyes. Hayley had golden blond hair and bright blue eyes, the eyes of an angel. But they had all most likely abandoned this Realm in disgust.

The fate of this twisted planet now rested in the hands of six kids, two of whom were sitting in her lap. These kids would have to bring back the gods of this Realm (better known as the Greek gods) and restore their original forms. Of course it helped that parts of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had already appeared. Which is how these kids were created anyway.

The Officials had arrived. Hayley quickly sent Kate (one of the twins) away. It would be too dangerous for them to be together now. They would meet again eventually – the prophecy said so. Hayley was different than the "citizens". And the Officials hated her for it. Then she was gone and the remaining twin, Alex, started crying sadly watching her mother leave her. And someday, she would save the world. This is her story. And maybe even  yours.

The End

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