Surveillance and Espionage

If it wasn't him then who could it be?

I felt the worst feeling, as if all my years of hopeful waiting had been poured into this one moment and it had ended in immense disappointment and now I felt lost. But it was stupid to think such things, after all, this had only set me back one step. I just had to act on what I had.

There was only one action I could take, and that was to keep surveillance on all the three youths who had been at the ball; Kouie, Mia and Joey.

I set my men on the job, choosing certain times to do the deed without suspicion. But I had a more pressing issue at hand.

I opened the door and switched on the light. At the other end of the room, lying on a bed was an elderly woman. I shut the door gently behind me and pulled out a knife.

I held the knife at the back of her neck and pulled out a voice synthesiser from my pocket.

"Don't turn around," I warned, my voice very deep, "don't turn until you hear that door shut again or I'll slit your throat," there was no noise so I continued, "the child that you live with, he has something he shouldn't," no answer, "something of great power, capable of killing innocent people, and he's been putting it to use, but now his reign must stop," still she said nothing, so I took a more direct approach, "does this child have the deathnote?" I asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," her voice came out hoarse and cracked, and I believed the conviction behind her words. But the sense of hopelessness wieghed me further down.

I left the room and flicked open my phone.


"Yes sir?"

"Take our captive and plant her in Erics house, make it easy for her to escape, she will leave straight for the police and attract attention, tell then what I told her,"

"But the police will not do anything, they are too afraid."

"Because most of them have families to look after, but not all of them, some will do what they can and I can find an ally."

"Won't Kira see through this?"

"Probably, but Kira will not take any chances, besides, we'll be watching. This can only go well for me."

"As you wish sir."

It was a risk, but it would be well worth it.

The End

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