Moment of Solitude

As I walked down the street something felt wrong.  Having reached my front door I got my key free of the pocket it was nestled in.  I fitted the key in the lock turning it almost reluctantly.  As I entered the house everything seemed just as I left it this morning.  Except for a few things which seemed a bit more messy.  ‘This isn’t right’ I thought to myself ‘Where has she been all day?’ I asked myself this repeatedly.  Entering my room I noticed that the desk in the corner had been moved out a bit.  Reaching behind the desk for the Death note I got a sudden shock.  It had been replaced with a note which read:

“So I was right you are Kira.  By the time you find this note I will be back home and although it has specific instructions I don’t plan on using the note book myself. So drop by to pick it up after you demonstrate your detective talents and find where I live and who I am.”

It had to be Kaosu.  A chuckle came from the corner.

“Ryuk, did you see anyone in this room while you stayed home today?” I asked but before he could answer I withdrew the bag of apples I bought today on the way home.

“Yes.” He said not removing his eyes from the apples.

“Who took the notebook?” I asked in the nicest tone I could muster given the circumstances.

“The boy who you talked to briefly at the ball.”

“Thank you very much Ryuk.” I said opening the bag and letting him ravage it.  I walked swiftly to the computer I will just have to find him through his face, just like I did with Kaosu.  Searching through the list of all mental help institutions I could think of.  Luckily I had an insurance policy for this I just need to find him within the twenty three day limit.  This is not going to be easy. I spent the night searching. I got so wrapped up in it, I didn't realise the time had crept past midnight into morning.  I fell asleep at the computer being woken next morning only by the alarm I had pre-set for school days.  I jumped shocked by the sudden noise.  I turned off the alarm then went down stairs to find nothing had changed.  Breakfast hadn't even been started I went upstairs grumbling to myself. I knocked loudly on Juns door.  No hint of reply I knocked again as loudly as I could.

“Are you in there?  I’m coming in.”  I waited a bit then entered.  There was nobody there. Where is Jun? I thought, great, another problem on my hands.

The End

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