Revelations and Loose Ends

A dash of orange swept the blue morning sky as the first cars exited the driveways into the lonely, cul-de-sacs road. More importantly, out of number 2 came the son of Raito Yagami, holding a bag slung across his shoulder.

I took out my PDA and switched it on.

"So... you're in a good mood today. What's the occasion?" L muttered.

"Today we unmask Kira," I flashed him a wicked smile.

"Really?" he raised his eyebrows and whistled, "it took me months, so... who is it?"

"What would you say if I said that Raito Yagami had a child... with Misa?"

"I'd say first... get in there Raito, then secondly, I would say how did you find all this out?" he looked at me enquiringly.

"At the ball, it told me everything I needed," I stopped, but he kept on his annoying, superclose stare, I sighed, "firstly I saw that Misa was invited to the ball, and she didn't turn up, however somebody turned up in her place. And that person was a youngster and after getting the attendance list, I found out his name was Kouie Amane. She never actually registered a child and I will assume that it was for protection. She has done a great distance to protect him. I can only assume that it is because it is her only connection to Raito. Now how did I connect him to the deathnote?" I paused for dramatic effect, "I am aware he speaks Japanese, also the video was clearly lip synched and afterwards the child read my lips when I spoke to him in the confusion. And then he is Raito's child.

"And so I tracked him down to this address, the address of Misa. Beloved of Raito Yagami, mother of Kouie Amane and suspected of being the second Kira sixteen years ago."

With that I got up and moved to the front door. I knocked but nobody answered. Finally I took out a picklock and opened it with a few clicks.

Once inside I went straight upstairs and found what had to be a young boys bedroom. I felt a cold presence in the room but ignored it and opened some draws. They were empty. I ransacked the place but there was nothing there.

"Who are you?" I whipped round to see an portly, aged woman in the doorway.

"The last person you will ever see," she frowned but before she could react, I knocked her over the head with my torch. She collapsed to the floor.

"It's not here, and I have a loose end that needs tying," I called disappointedly into my earphone.

The End

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