Epilogue of begginings

As the fire alarm sounded everyone ran for the exit.  I had thought I would follow the reaction of the crowd but most of them had started running before the end of my message.  I wanted to see it’s full effect so I slipped out of the room behind a nobleman.  There seemed to be a second uproar outside where the fire department had just arrived along with the police and ambulance.  A fire fighter leapt from his post I recognised him as the only one in the crowd I could use.  Pulling out a sheet of paper I scrawled:

Daniel Crow


After disposing of the last of the evidence incriminating Kira in the burning of the ball hangs himself using the charred remains of a rope.


As I was using the name Kira to refer to myself, should this note be found, I would not be incriminated by it.  I was still unsure if this would work but all the evidence should have been destroyed anyway.I had been using this method for all my killings except my first since it was an accident.  I found the notebook and decided to use it as a diary I read the front but didn’t believe it was possible.  Outside as I waited for the final conclusive result which would be Daniel Crow being wheeled out in a body bag.  I made idol conversation with another teenager that had been watching in awe at the burning building.  As I talked about how tragic it was that Kira had made an appearance his posture suddenly changed along with a sudden distaste of the music he had been listening to for the last hour and he stated so most of the crowd could hear

“Kira is an idol that should be worshiped. He is a crusader who doesn’t even want to be known as the messiah.”

Shocked by the sudden change I asked:

“What’s your name again?” he replied

“I don’t have a name but if you must call me something call me Haro”

“so why are you here anyway?”  When I looked back he had gone and was replaced with Kaosu the mad scientist working on one of my favourite topics, antimatter.   Kaosu was one of the scientists I admired though the reason behind hiding his name was still a mystery to me. I hid the shock at the sudden change, hiding behind a calm mask.

“Well” he began to reply but was cut off by a series of fire fighters and police men alike.  The rabble was so loud I couldn’t hear his response so took to lip reading.  ‘I was looking for someone but they didn’t seem to show up in time,’ I bellowed as loud as I could “well I’m sure they’ll still be here.”  As I yelled I realised the noise wasn’t that loud.  Could it be that Kaosu is the one that has been trying to catch me out?  The one posting in the papers? He seemed pleased by the response like he expected his list of suspects to suddenly drop to at most three.  When in reality Kira may not have even been here tonight.  After all I did have the technician do all my dirty work.  And nothing that could be taken as evidence against me was left after Daniel Crow is finished.  I waited talking civilly with Kaosu until eventually two body bags were wheeled and the crowd was dismissed.  Because the police had given up looking for Kira with the blame of this event lingering dangerously above the one who sent that message in the paper, Kaosu.  I ducked out of the situation as quickly as I could without arousing more suspicion.


            The next morning I checked the papers and as I expected, the announcement of Raito Yagami’s return and his declaration of war on those trying to find him.  As I read for any more messages from Ousen, or more like Kaosu, I booted up my computer.  Folding the paper I returned it to the chest of drawers where Jun left it each morning.  Returning my attention to the computer, I opened a new internet browser and searched for the university that Kaosu attended.  I searched through the list of all attendees of the institution and their pictures.  Finally I found a matching photo, Lance Freeman.  Majored in Quantum physics with a minor in Japanese.  He fitted the bill perfectly. 

“Found him,” picking up the apple from the desk and throwing it across the room to Ryuks waiting mouth.

The End

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