All was set in motion, all was now ready as I changed into a swathe tailor made suit. Nothing too fancy considering what most of these toffee-noses would be wearing.

My limo pulled up outside a large, stately building with a red carpet leading up to a set of marble stairs and a large oak door framed in grand pillars. I entered the main hall full of guests conversing as waiters dressed in black trousers and waistcoats and white shirts carrying silver platters with prawn and olive canapés and others with crystal glasses of champage that shimmered in the light of the many chandaliers twinkling overhead walked.

Ornate tapestries depicting various men and women of history hung from the walls amongst the silken drapes that shut out the light from the sun. At the end of the room stood a stage which was currently empty and dark, almost ominous.

I met several esteemed men and women, amongst them being the mayor as well as my rival, Eric. He was tall but not as tall and I, with red hair that covered one eye, his eyes framed in glasses.

At that moment (meaning as I shook Erics hand) an intriguing, rather dark idea sprung to mind.

"So,  Kaosu, how is your research going?" Eric pondered with a smirk.

"Thrilling," I whispered, and it was all too real, I was practically shaking at the thrill of the chase, but at the same time worried about the predator side of my prey.

I ran my hand threw my hair and threw a gummy bear in my mouth. I chewed it with my mouth open much to the annoyance of Eric who gritted his teeth.

"I am so intrigued, but tell me... what about your other investigations," I frowned at this, staring at him suspicously.

"I am only researching how anti-matter has a natural attraction to matter, it is intriguing, I am currently working on the theory that anti-matter, unlike matter, has the electrons in the neucleus and the protons circle around where the electrons would be in matter-"

"You know of what I mean, I happened across your notes yesterday in the lab," he pushed his classes up his nose, "you really should be more careful," he gave me a sly smile and went to move away. I grabbed his arm and spun him round.

"Speak a word to anyone and I'll test my theory on you, you know what they say when anti-matter and matter collides..." I gave him a harsh look and he returned his usual venemous gaze. But walked off nonetheless.

I placed my hand on my ear, "any news?" several voices called in my ear, "one at a time morons!" I growled a little too loud.

"There a few kids around, it's not really a family occasion, per sé," one said.

"I've seen no kids here."


I looked around. I saw one, maybe two young boys and a female. One boy looked at his watch as the other sat morosely in a corner and the girl texted on her phone. I would have counted this suspicous but she was chewing gum and twirling her hair. Either a really good disguise or just a typical teen.

Then all of a sudden the lights went out. There were several screams and cries of pain as if somebody had fallen over. People began to mill for the doors, running manically, forgetting their airs and graces.

Then a light came from the stage and I heard the unravelling of a screen. The bright blue of a projector shone like the shaft of a dagger through the hall above our heads and onto the screen. Immediately I cast my gaze at the source of the light, a small box for playing slides where a shadowed figure placed a DVD inside the projector.

I made my way to the box up a set of narrow steps and towards the room, I knew nobody could see me for I could barely see where I was going. But before I could unmask the man that stood there the image of a person appeared on the screen. A person whom I had come to recognise long ago through newspaper clips and video recordings of the news that were stored in my lab.

Kira, only more than this, it was Kira slightly aged, as if he were... still alive.

I exhaled a breath I was unaware of as he played his message. My attention returned to the man, but he lit a match and threw it on the floor, setting everything and himself on fire. This was the work of Kira I knew, using a puppet to cover his tracks.


The End

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