Prologue to chaos

I pivot to the dark room as normal I had just been handed clean clothes.  Throwing them down on the freshly made bed I headed to the computer desk in the corner opposite the window.  The room darker then normal because I had taken extra precautions about people peeking in through the window.  Although we backed onto a field it was necessary.  I reached into my pocket and retrieved the pen I now carried every where with me.  The Deathnote was securely hidden inside another book on the bookshelf carefully slotted into another book.  The pages were arranged within this activity book to fit into sections this book would expect something to be written in with names.  Something from last night still troubled me.  A conversation with Ryuk after I found a section tore out of the note book.  I had asked

“What would happen if a page was to be tore out of the Deathnote?” after a brief chuckle Ryuk answered

“Why should I tell you? I want to see this fight between you and Ousen.” Ousen being the nickname we gave the unknown enemy, on account of the first message from them.  After all we can’t rule out it’s a group.  I, like the original Kira, am doing this for something other then myself so but also myself I wished to witness the reformation of the world so wouldn’t take the shinigami eyes.  Without the names I really want I can’t afford to get caught not now.


Opening the news paper I looked for the message I’m sure would be the response from Ousen.  Here it is.  An invitation? To a ball why did Ousen think I would accept this?  Does he take me for a fool?  I thought I would have made my level of intelligence clear by now!  Angered by his underestimation of me I sat down at the desk.  Withdrew the Deathnote then paused for a moment pen hovering above the page.  I remembered my mother saying she had been invited to this ball but probably couldn’t make it.  I opened the E-mail client she should have finished work by now.  I sent an E-mail to her saying ‘that ball you were invited to do you have a guest list there?’  with a greeting and goodbyes as well of course.  Within seconds the reply came with an attached document ignoring the E-mail I opened the attached document to find a list.  This is my list of suspects then.  An idea struck me I turned on the computer and looked up a number of the people on the list.  No leads at all.  Then I came to my own name on the list.  Why was I here?  I looked at the E-mail that accompanied the document.  ‘since I couldn’t make it I need you to go for me it is important someone from the family is there.’  To my dismay I was forced to accept and had to attend.  The stakes were rising.  I continued to check the list, having lost one battle today I need a victory to keep me on par with Ousen, with little success.  However one name caught my attention Kaosu.  I looked up the obviously fake name to find that he is known by many other names.  As if to confirm it he was a scientist who was obsessed with the activities of Kira and tried to reproduce a Deathnote.  There is no doubt about it this is Ousen.  I would have to prepare something to keep him occupied.  Opening video editing software and video clips I had downloaded for just this kind of event I inserted modulated voice of my own and synchronised the lips on the video as best I could.  Finally burning it to a DVD and only touched it through another two layers.  This was my trump card.


                The morning of the ball I rose early in order to prepare everything in time.  After scribbling in the Deathnote I quickly grabbed the DVD from the night before and headed out of the house.  After waiting only two minutes my guy arrived I walked up to him and said the code word I had written only this morning.  Handing him the DVD as we passed then casually continued to the electronics shop.  After spending about an average time in the electronics shop I headed back home with a handful of new gadgets.  On the way home I stopped off in a shop to buy some sake they knew I was underage but still sold it to me.  As I walked home I considered the transaction it was technically illegal but it wasn’t a crime as far as Kira was concerned.  Finally I arrived home just in time to slip in unnoticed.  When the time came start getting all final preperations done I checked my scribbled kill from this morning.  It all checked out.  Content that it would go as planned I prepared for the ball donning my tuxedo for the occasion.

The End

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