L Shall Go to the Ball

An informant of mine told me of a message left with the body and I had a sneaking suspicion it was left for me.

"What do you think?" I asked L bot. I typed the symbols into the computer exactly how they were written.

"Wow, so many numbers and letters, oh," he cried out, "headache."

"What, the mighty L can't figure this out?" I laughed with exasperation.

"No, I'm gettin a headache at the fact you haven't worked this out yet imbecile, if you can't figure this simple tidbit out I figured in a second, what hope do you have against Kira?" I opened and closed my mouth several times, he had a point. My heart fell to my boots, "oh chin up kid, use your brain and be creative," he pointed his index and middle fingers at me slowly, "bang," he said.

Feeling a little peeved I stared at the numbers, my face right near the screen. I looked up to see his face right in front of me. I nearly jumped out of the chair.

"Well?" he said.

"Hexadecimal..." his smile lit up his face.

"Got it in one, but what does it-"

"I'll kill you... in Japanese-"

"-you know I really don't appreciate being interrupted," he growled, scratching his head.

"And that seriously limits who it can be... a booksmart school child fluent in hexadecimal and Japanese..."

"Sorry," L was back on the chair eating sweets in his own peculiar way, "wasn't listening to that last bit."

"Nevermind," I grumbled.

So this kid wasn't averse to murdering anyone who gets in their way, I'd have to be extra careful now then, have to hope my long years of false names and secret identities would pay off. It would take years to dig through my past and unearth my real name.

So if they wanted to kill me, I'd have to be willing to kill them, and they had to know this.

A beep took me away from my thoughts. There was an alert on one of my computer screens. I went over to the computer and opened my messages. An invitation to a ball, great just what I needed. I rolled my eyes.

Wait, that was just what I needed.

And there was one method I knew would get this characters attention.

"Hey me again, yeah I know, another favour. Mmmhmm yup another article, I should get my own column. Anyway, little off track, this time I want to write a piece on a certain event coming up. Yes by the same person. Thankyou very much. Bye bye." I slammed the phone. If I was Kira, I'd have another spokesperson. I wonder who he would choose.

I turned to the screen to see L dressed up in a tuxedo.

"We going then?" he asked brightly, flowers in his hands. He held them out to me.

"Not you," I had to supress the grin.

"Good," his clothes flew off to be replaced by the usual white t-shirt and jeans, "cos that totally isn't my style," once more he resumed eating sweats.

"On second thoughts, let's keep communications, I could use your expert guidance."

"Yeah... I'll pass," he said, flipping through a magazine.

The End

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