Insurance Policy

Bzzzzzzzz went the alarm ‘morning already?’ I thought and leapt from my bed and turned off the alarm.  I dressed and headed towards the curtains pulling them open as I pulled my shirt down with my other hand.  It was earlier then I normally got up because I had some work to do before heading out.  I turned on the computer and transferred the list of criminals I had compiled the night before. I had no doubt my message would have reached my pursuer. 

Checking the paper as I waited for the computer to transfer the file I didn’t expect a response so soon but I had been checking so I didn’t miss it.  My pursuer had evident knowledge of Japanese which made it all the easier, there aren’t that many people here who understand Japanese, and that broadcast they responded to was local to this area so he had to be close.  A sudden realisation hit me the paper he was contacting me with was local as well, which meant we both knew we were close to each other. 

Running now isn’t an option and for me to beat him I’ll need to be smart about it like the first Kira; using a spokesperson. 

Turning the TV on I searched the normal channels for a good choice. I remembered reading on the internet about how Kira had two spokespeople Sakura TV had both of them.  Kiomi Takada died from it but that’s a chance I will have to take, Sakura TV of course, they’ll be begging for it now that Kira’s return has gone public. 

After switching channel I noticed that every channel I had passed were all asking to be Kira’s spokesperson.  I can only have one and if I’m going to test my theory then I need to make a similar move to what the original Kira would.

I wanted to see just how much they knew. Taking the Deathnote I ran down stairs and to the kitchen grabbing a light breakfast, and then returned upstairs. 

‘Forgot my pen drive I’ll need this.’ I thought as I retrieved the USB stick with the criminal list on it.  First stop was a local electronics shop, where I was known because of my regular visits, being sure that it wouldn’t arouse suspicion, I purchased a rechargeable battery an AC 12 volt cable and some smaller components.

“Startin’ another project?” asked Ishimaru.

“Yeah” I said briefly it wasn’t a lie but I didn’t want to elaborate much more.  Quickly leaving the shop I walked away from the town centre Ishimaru wouldn’t mind I’m always brief. It wasn’t anywhere in particular I was going just somewhere I could work in private.  Finding a secluded part of the woods in between the two towns, which I lived close to, I settled down turned on my laptop and rummaged in my backpack for the Deathnote.  Pulling it out along with the chrome pen that I favoured for this task along with a few other items I had nicked from various places, the science lab won’t miss this small bit of potassium chlorate, a lighter isn’t suspicious and pack of gummy bears.  After extracting the sucrose from the gummy bears I tested the melting point of the potassium chlorate with the lighter satisfied I had it accurate enough I used the remainder fitted the small electronic components into I tightly packed shell .  Then modified the pen with a button hidden under the ink cartridge.  Finally I combined the solid potasium chlorate and the gummy bears, which wouldn’t react while solid, to the shell after checking it had done it’s job, which be triggered by the button in my pen or loss of electricity.  Getting back down to business I had killed the top five on my list all heart attacks with one interesting twist.  One of my targets would leave a note for my pursuer stating simply “4f 6d 61 65 20 6f 20 6b 75 72 75 73 75.” Using a simple code, I suspected my pursuer would understand hexadecimal.

The End

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