As I entered the room I glanced around before heading for the kitchen, nothing had changed.  Then I realised ‘no one would suspect me yet I only killed once and the news said that they weren’t treating it as murder, except for the one guy who choked himself to death’.  The glass table in the kitchen nearly blinded me with its glare then it settled as I passed the reflection of the sun.  Then there was a smash from behind me I span on the spot only to find Ryuk staring at a vase he had knocked over.  I cursed at my misfortune of getting the one shinigami that wouldn’t help me in my task.  After wolfing down a light dinner I ran up the spiral stair case and into my room without waiting for Ryuk I closed and locked the door.  Ryuk glided in lazily after a few seconds and then chuckled and asked “are you planning to kill again?”

“Not exactly” I said and settled down at the desk.  Switching on the reading lamp and my computer I would need to kill on a daily basis now to announce, in its full grandeur, the return of Kira. 

I began to compile a list of criminals that I could target being careful to choose those of higher cases and putting them near the top of the list.  After a couple of hours a news paper article caught my eye.  “Ousen” a Japanese word that means to return fire or accept a challenge.  I swivelled on my chair to face the paper that lay on my bed, courtesy of Jun Yamazaki.  This is interesting I thought to myself I wonder why this is in the paper reading the context it seems a bit out of place ‘does this mean I have someone looking for my Deathnote?’  Then I asked “Ryuk other than the rules in the front of the death note, are there any others that would affect how I can use it?”

Ryuk responded as he usually did, “perhaps, but if I told you that would spoil my fun.”

Which, of course, meant yes but I’m not telling you them. 

Returning to my desk I saved the word processed list and closed it, I wouldn’t have time to kill enough people to make a difference now.

As I exited my room I ran into Jun Yamazaki startled, I jumped back “What’s wrong?” she asked “have you been watching one of those scary movies again?”

“Yeah,” I lied, “I didn’t hear you come in and well…”

‘I can’t kill while this sneaky woman is around’ I thought and heard Ryuk laughing it occurred to me this is the first time he had met her.  The towering shinigami inspected the small young nanny, as he did so I had to stop a laugh because of the sheer size difference. 

The second I had managed to avoid suspicion I went back into my room and retrieved the Deathnote from its hiding place while Jun Yamazaki went downstairs.   I replaced myself at the desk and began to write with the same calm expression I did last time.  I started as the door opened swivelling to find Jun Yamazaki there.

She said “I forgot to tell you” whatever else she said was drowned out with Ryuk’s laugh.

He said “oh yeah if anyone else touches that notebook they’ll be able to see me.”  Shocked I quickly tried to inconspicuously hide the notebook and nodded to every word Jun Yamazaki said.  Heart racing I put the book behind the monitor of my computer.

“Well that was all, if you’re concerned go see mister Matsuda tomorrow.” With that she left pulling to door to behind her.

‘I’ll have to hide this book better from now on!’ I thought then calmly as I could thanked Ryuk for telling me.

The End

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