Challenge Accepted

The room was a mess, on one side stood an old, worn mahogony desk piled high with documents that spilled over the sides like ink.

The steel bin was full of crumpled papers and packets of gummy bears. The floor and walls were a clinical white.

In all, silence prevailed apart from the ceaseless hum of the six computer screens all pointed in one direction, me.

It was a room of either chaos or brilliance that matched every fibre of my being.

One computer screen played the mornings news.

"Another stabbing occured in the early hours of this morning..."

"Yadiyadiya, gimme the good stuff-"

"Three prisoners died last night in between the hours of 8:00-12:00 the last dieing exactly on midnight," the news caster read, "police are treating this as suspicious but unrelated. Two died from heart attacks, one choked himself."

I surveyed the image intensely, two had died of heart attacks, one murdered, the heart attacks I understood... but the murder?

I glanced at the second screen, the archives of L I'd retrieved from his hard drive. If only I knew all of the rules! I thought furiously. But the heart attacks, no mistaking it, they were the work of the deathnote. 2 healthy twenty year olds with no history of heart problems don't die at pretty much the same time.

I checked the third screen. I had cross referenced the names in an identity database which searched the entire web for any scrap of info.

Print, I clicked the red button and the printer thunked into life emitting a high pitched resonating thrum off a laser. One name caught my attention, Charenji Clever, that means chalenge.

"What would you do L?"

"I'd survey that shiny red button," his eyes glinted from the fourth screen as he watched it with intent, "damn having no hands!" the personality sysnthesiser said. I had researched all ofL's data and personality files and created an AI to help in my quest. Fortunately it retained L's genius.

The synthesiser created a small seat on his screen and sat down. A side table appeared next to him holding cake which he looked at ravenously.

"I mean with the Deathnote."

His huge eyes focused on me, "you want to know?" he asked, then slowly, deliberately, took a piece of the cake and had a bite. He chewed just as slowly with a hand and licked his lips, "I'd..." he took another bite then continued with his mouthful, "man this is good cake-"


"Erm, forgot," he shrugged sheepishly and wolfed down the rest of the slice. Unfortunately it had L's genius.

I growled, slightly peeved, and pressed a gold button on my keyboard.

Immediately all the screens went blank and then one image dominated the screens.

"You're back," I muttered, the image slowly rotating, "and I will have you," I said longingly as the image of a deathnote faded into the darkness.

I changed one screen into a video phone.

"Konichiwa, this is Kaosu, I would pay dearly for Ousen to read the news this day and mention this my name," I ordered, "much money shall come your way."

I leaned back on my chair and put my feet up, my fingers interlocked.

"Let it begin," I muttered.

The End

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