In the name of justice

The room was poorly lit with a small reading lamp. I drew my pen from it's holder  contemplating my actions, with a gentle nudge from my right hand side.

"Go ahead what are you waiting for?" croaked the rasping voice.  I paused and then answered "I can't just jump into this i need somone off the radar enough to not draw too much attention, however i still need the results."  As i thought of all the people i could chose my mind suddenly turned to Omi Kashuu put in prison for murder and his two brothers that got only a few months in prison.  I leaned low over the dry parchment and wrote calmly.

The following day the morning news brought the results i had hoped for.

"If I did this right, these killings should be on the news," I looked up to see his gloating face.

"We'll see," he muttered teasingly.

"Yes... we will," I grumbled, chucking an apple at him. I couldn't bear to listen to his loud gulping as I turned on the TV to the sound of a rumbling belch.

"Three prisoners died last night in between the hours of 8:00-12:00 the last dieing exactly on midnight," the news caster read, "police are treating this as suspicious but unrelated." 

I had to stop myself from cheering out loud, "it has worked perfectly," my eyes bright from the light of my success. After calming down from the realization I looked at the clock.  "ah I'm late!" I yelled and jumped out of bed springing down the spiral staircase and out of the door.

The End

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