Recycling can be fun.

A fair bit of grumbling greeted the Kommanda’s assignment of cleanup duty, but not from the expected source. Rogue was a bit more put off by the task than Flynn. Considering Flynn was essentially forcibly conscripted into the militia, this made the Kommanda wonder a bit. Flynn was peculiarly unflappable. He’d have to test later just how far Flynn could be pushed before he actually got angry. A good leader had to know what buttons to push, and how far limits went for those under his command.

He watched only a few moments as the two began picking up the many pieces.  He’d have to check back later to see if they managed to work well together or if one or the other would be beaten to a bloody pulp when he got back...

Flynn wiped the sweat from his brow, scowling at the large, but almost full bins ahead of him. He’d chosen to use the blue bins for recycling, avoiding the other two, as this much metal and plastic, had to be reusable, even if they had to be melted down first. Rogue, still muttering under her breath, and glaring at him occasionally as if he were to blame for the Kommanda’s decision, wasn’t nearly so picky, and tossed the limbs into the nearest bins. 

“Rogue...that’s not very environmentally conscious.”

“Like I care, doggy.” Said Rogue, glaring. “Keep talkin’ an’ y’all will be a doin’ this yerself.”

“This doesn’t have to be such a chore ya know...Kommanda didn’t say how we had to do it, you know.  Recycling bins are almost full. And I don’t want to waste all that plastic and scrap metal...besides...seeing a bunch of legs and arms sticking out of a garbage bin is kinda creepin’ me out.”

“What’s yer point, bub?”

“Well... a bigger bin would make things easier wouldn’t it? No more cramming and stacking. Just toss and go.”

“We ain’t got a biggah bin, so no use  pr‘tending.”  Grumbled Rogue, tossing another metal limb into a bin with a clank.

“So we make one...and we have fun making it. “

“Huh?” Rogue looked at him, curiously.

“Did ya know that if it’s blue, and labelled recycling, that the city has to empty it? So basically anything can be a recycling bin?”

“Well, now sugah....I didn’t know that...whatcha got in mind?”  A small smile was creeping onto Rogue’s face.  This sounded like mischief...and even better, mischief bordering on vandalism.

“That tower there...that pointed top just has to go, I figure.”

“Ah....and what about the paint?”

“Well now...that’s easy enough...didn’t you notice that the warehouse Red chose was once part of a paint factory? There was about 300 cans o’ blue there, and a whole lotta whitewash.”

“Uh...still sounds like work to me.”

Flynn grinned. “I’m not done messin’ with Reeza just yet...ya think she’ll miss her tank for a bit? Ready....aim....FIRE!”

“ like livin’ dangerously, don’t ya, sugah?” said Rogue, almost flirtatiously at this point. “Can’t pass this up. Could be tha most entuhtainin’ evenin’ of mah young life.”

Reeza had been gloating, settling in her hammock, her work done for the day. She was  thinking of the doggy and Rogue stuck doing the heavy lifting. In particular, she enjoyed  picturing the canine in prison stripes, working on a chain gang...the pink robot limbs didn’t quite fit her vindictive imaginings, so she added herself as a warden with a whip, and the more typical imagery of breaking rocks... It was nice to be in charge.

It was then that she realised she was actually hearing the rhythmic boom of the what had in her imaginings been the cracking of rocks.  There was something familiar about that sound...something...

“ YEeeaaaaaaaaagh! “ she yelled in sudden was her TANK!  What the hell was it doing at the castle?  She pulled angrily at her fur,  as she raced towards the noise, not caring or realizing that it was a good 20 miles away.  Someone was going to die!


“ Left...left...down just a titch... FIRE!”  shouted Flynn... He was splattered with blue but didn’t care...he and Rogue had blown the top off the tower already with one of Reeza’s more powerful rounds, and were now painting the tower with repeated splats of paint poured down the nozzle. Indeed, the tank itself was now liberally splattered with blue specks, as was a portion of the castle wall on each side.

Rogue was grinning wide as she stabbed the button with here index finger, whooping as she hit.  The tower was almost completely painted already , and Rogue hadn’t had to work much more than her finger.  It was fun too.  She had planned to let the doggy get in trouble, but after the first few blasts had been unable to resist the chance to fire the big gun.  And stuffing all the limbs into the tower, as well as playing an odd version of basketball involving busty metal torsos  had been fun too.  All in all, Flynn had turned this dreary day around quite well... least until Reeza showed up...


Reeza was grunting with exhaustion, by the time she reached the castle, but her anger quickly revived her as she saw  the blue tower, and then the blue dripping from the end of the tank’s gun.  She saw red, and rushed at the bastard in the tank, assuming wrongly that it was the dog...

Rogue was hit by what felt like a furious, furry, homing missile, yanking her from her position  in the tank’s open cockpit. She yelped in surprise, more than pain, her muscular physique better able to handle Reeza’s rage than most.

“’Toopid, Danged, Dead DOGGY!” came her shriek as Reeza shook Rogue vigorously,  and bent to bite at Rogue’s ear, who was too surprised to struggle effectively.  Then she heard a whistle, and saw Flynn, covered in blue, standing on the wall. She looked down, blinking confusedly, and leaped off Rogue...

“! “ It was obvious that her desire to add an expletive was warring with her surprise that the culprit caught red-handed was not the one she had expected.

She leapt off the tank and began pacing, kicking at the dirt and swearing up a storm, glaring at one, then the other...unable to figure out which target she most wanted to destroy.

Then Rogue broke her silence.

“It was all his idea, now...”  

Reeza screeched, and launched herself at Flynn, but Flynn was already on the move, trying not to laugh, and luckily had a fairly strong head-start from atop the wall.

The Kommanda returned to this merry mayhem, and had to shake his head, unsure of how to deal with this situation. He couldn’t help but smile though, because Flynn looked utterly ridiculous, racing around the wall, covered in blue, and Reeza looked a bit funny too, chasing after him though there was no way she’d catch him racing about atop the wall with her below.  She was trying to knock him down with stones gathered from the ground, and was obviously running out of steam.  Red returned as well, and looked askance at the situation and the blue tower, and at Rogue trying desperately not to laugh, tears in her eyes from the effort.

“Kommanda...I think there’s a bit of a discipline problem in this unit.” She said simply.  The understatement was too much for her to refrain from laughing herself.   

The Kommanda tried to remain stern, but didn’t dare open his mouth to stop the mayhem until he himself had control of the contagious laughter. But when Dante showed up, and began laughing too, much to Reeza’s further enragement,  he almost gave in to the giggles. It was Cupcake that broke all control though.

“What’s so funny?!” he cried, rushing in. Reeza, who was at this point standing, fists clenched, glaring daggers at everyone,  reached out and yoinked the pig from the ground, and this  time, her aim was dead on...Cupcake went sailing, straight into Flynn’s surprised face, sending him toppling over the side of the wall.

The look on Flynn’s face as he fought for balance was enough to break even the Kommanda’s will.

And Reeza’s grumbling rejoinder didn’t make it any better... “Toopid doggy....”

The End

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