There was nothing like a good barbeque. Flynn loved outdoor atmosphere, even if it was beside a big old warehouse, surrounded by wasteland scrub.  At least it was far enough out from the town that the stars were bright and the planets shimmered beautifully, the moment you looked away from the flames, which were mesmerizing in themselves.

Flynn had a fondness for crispy hotdogs, and let them sit longer than necessary over the coals, He'd found some wire coat hangers, and had quietly dismantled them and straightened them into a semblance of roasting sticks.  Each could cook their own to taste. He handed a stick to the wiggling, giggling, sickeningly cute pink blob that was Cupcake, in the hopes that a full mouth would shut the critter up. No such luck, as the pig snorted cutely, and mmmed and aaahed appreciatively with each bite. It was all Flynn could manage not to push the little piggy into the flames.

"So Kommanda, You're seeing some action tomorrow? Something about chicks in chainmail? No accounting for taste, I guess. Armor makes ya sweat something fierce, or if it's cold, seeps everything right outta ya. Either way, it ain't every day clothing."

The Kommanda grunted, not wanting to be drawn into conversation just yet, considering where the last one had led. He was still waiting for Reeza to come up and test some new weapon for the tank on Flynn's unsuspecting nuts. Perhaps that ion gun, she’d used on Cupcake.  But then could you really say Reeza meshed with anyone? And Dante...well, he meshed with everyone, so long as there was bud to be had. And right now, Dante did not need to search for a light.

“Speaking of chicks in armor...even the mechanized variety, where is Reeza tonight? Haven’t had the chance to tell her I won yet.” Said Flynn, hearing a sound from the warehouse vicinity.

“YOU DID NOT WIN!” came the shout. “Reeza knock you block off, ‘toopid doggy! “

Flynn smiled. “Block firmly attached, milady. But you didn’t win, because the contest was over when you hit me.”

“What contest? I wanted to keel you!”

“Three tries. You had three tries. You failed. But you’ll get your apology anyway. Your tank has to be more than meets the eye, or it wouldn’t be moving.”

“That not a ‘polegy! That still insult!

“No, it’s a compliment to the girl who keeps ‘er running. Takes ability to make something of a hunk of junk. And the tank is more than just a hunk of junk at the moment. Not much more, but you’re working on that, aren’t you?”

Reeza tilted her head, not liking that he still said it was a hunk of junk, but could hear sincerity in his voice when he said it was a compliment. It took some of the wind out of her sails, as seldom did anyone show her appreciation. They just considered machinery to be her job. And he was right, it took alot to keep the tank running the way it should.

“Hmmph. You try trick me, make me think you good doggy. Know your place. I see. I see you tricks.” However, she was no longer poised to kill, which to the Kommanda, was an impressive piece of work by Flynn. Now,  the Kommanda thought, was the time to get rid of all animosity.

“Reeza. I found me my assistant.” He said, giving a smile to Red. “Go get the marshmallows and the graham crackers, m’dear. Chocolate chips too.” He smiled at the dirty look she gave. “Now...I figure it only fair that the new fellow earn some seniority around here too. So seeing as you two are getting along so well so far, I’m making Flynn your assistant. What Reeza wants, she gets, Flynn. You are now her *itch, as long as you’re with us. Oh...and Rogue too. Rogue needs a sparring partner.”


Flynn smiles slightly. “Well, not much of a prize for winning...a bruised noggin’ and indentured servitude...but dogs, S’mores, and new friends, gotta take the good with the bad, right?”


“Reeza show you the bad, doggy. Reeza show you real good.” Said Reeza with a wicked grin.  .


Rogue, whose mouth had been full until now, smiled and flexed. “Dontcha worry, big boy. I’ll be gentle wit ‘ya.  I swear.”

 Flynn’s smile dipped a bit, and he looked at her uneasily a moment. Then Red came out of the warehouse, not carrying the requested items. 

“All gone, Kommanda. They were there  this morning.”  

Cupcake came spinning around from the far side of the campfire, a pink blur. “Gotanymoremoremore? ChocolatemarshmallowgoodiesforCupcake! Igive youallhugsandthenwedanceand ...(he paused for breath)singandplay. Gotsome? Summore S’mores!??? 

Flynn noted the panicked looks were shared by nearly all around the fire. He bet they were all wondering the same thing...If you tossed Cupcake in the fire, would a sugar high get burned out of him?

The End

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