Dante whistled softly as he walked down the hall, carrying the unconscious doggy on his shoulder. He didn't envy the canine the headache (and laryngitis) the fellow would have when he awoke, so he was helping in the best way he knew how: With pharmaceutically enhanced smoke from an overly large roach blown directly in the dog's face every few steps. 

"You gonna be a'right, mon...don't you worry yo' ugly mug none about it, mon, you'll be feelin' no pain when ya wake, mon." he said grinning.

He whistled softly, and considering his recent words, rather predictably, Bobby McFerrin's  little ditty. "Don't worry, be happy now..."

"Can't believe you was crazy enough to take on Reeza, though...she be all kinds o' mean. I think there be some edoocashun  for you when you wake. Hope she not the teacher, though."

He tossed the dog unceremoniously on a small cot in what amounted to a broom closet with a stout door, and fetched a chair, leaning against said door with the chair. Till the Kommanda came around, the fellow was under his care, he figured. And unconscious or not, the newcomer was a sounding board for Dante's rambling thoughts, and at least for the moment, Dante's unwitting smoking partner.

"Did you hear, mon? They be startin' to crack down on the product, don't ya know? I had to make do with oregano while in the joint. Joint....hehe...I was in the joint, an' a smokin' one..."

These brilliant observations floated to Flynn's slowly awakening ears along with a judicious amount of smoke, blown through the keyhole...Dante was generous, and apparently wanted to share the wealth of his newfound stash. He couldn't remember where he'd gotten it anymore. After being without so long, he'd gone a little overboard this time around. He likely would not remember to thank Red later...if he even remembered who she was to begin with.

And so Flynn awoke, unable to see two feet in front of his face as he sat up, a haze of smoke around his head. He coughed loudly, breathing deeply, and immediately was hungry...he'd never felt anything like it. His tongue felt thick and his eyes watery. He tried to speak, but couldn't, and so he banged on the door and rasped an attempt at conversation.

Dante opened the door a crack. " ' Ey, mon...yer awake. What can Dante do for you? I got the too?" 

Flynn had been planning on a great escape, and shoving the door open as Dante peeked through, but suddenly couldn't remember the plan...he frowned, raised his finger as if to interject something, then nodded dumbly, and sat back on his cot, wondering why the  walls were moving. Danted  disappeared, and Flynn did not even notice the door had been left open. He had just discovered that his hand left vapour trails as he moved it...and apparently now he was seeing very cute pigs carrying teddy bears...he blinked. wasn't was one pig.

"Um...hello." he rasped.

"Hiya!"  it said. "You look like you need a hug. Do you need a hug?"

Flynn feebly tried to kick at the thing, feeling a little creeped out by it's cuteness...he hadn't seen anything so saccharine in his life. Why his mind would conjure up such a freaky little ball of joy was beyond him.

"No, I'm good, thanks."  he kicked feebly at it, only to find that it had glomped onto his leg for the offered hug.

"I like you." it said. " I think we should hang out. Like, all the time. Ever played Candyland? It's my favourite game, but noone ever plays with me..." 

Tears welled up in it's eyes, and it looked up soulfully. "You'll play with me, won't you?"

"Uh... sure. Whatever. Just get off my leg." said Flynn, totally unaware of what he was getting himself into.

"YAY!"  it shouted. "I'm Cupcake, and we're going to be bestest friends ever!"  Cupcake  tried to bounce while still hugging Flynn's leg, making the pink blob of cuteness look like an overexuberant chihuahua engaged in lewd acts. Flynn kicked out in panic, and sent the insane little creature flying. It splattered against the wall, and Flynn felt a momentary pang of remorse. He was relieved when the thing disappeared in a puff of smoke. It was only my imagination, thank GOD! 

He looked up, hearing Dante humming. He breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that he returned with a huge amount of goodies. "Dude! I think I was wouldn't believe it if I told you! Hey...TWINKIES!"

Flynn grabbed a pack and started munching away, his delusions forgotten for the moment.

Dante smiled, and began to eat as well. "So what did ya see, mon?"

Flynn shuddered..."It was this funny looking, giggly pink blob...and it wouldn't let go of my leg...." He didn't notice that Dante choked and sprayed out some of the soda he had just been drinking. "It wanted to play Candyland with me or something..."

Dante grabbed Flynn's leg..."This is VERY important...tell me what you said. Word for word. "

"I said, sure...why not? It was only a halluci..."

"Hiya Dante! I'm back! Death says hi....."

Flynn looked down at the fuzzy pink thing that was once again holding onto his leg. A horrified expression grew on his face.

"Death gave me his game of Candyland! Wasn't that nice! We can play now, doggy, any time you want! How about now?!"

Flynn and Dante looked at each other, then without a word, wheeled and ran down the hall...

"Hey guys wait uuuuuup!"  called Cupcake, and bounced along behind....



The End

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