Carry OnMature

"why keep putting myself to the face of disappointment when i have a reason to be happy. why do i keep expecting people to change, when i have given the multiple chances too. So when i take the leap and start to let myself be happy without the distractions of disappointment, every thing goes wrong."

"i see what you mean and that makes sense, but how can you through years of friendship away?"

"The way she dimissed converstations that may have stopped me, as that is what became between us. The way she always had someone to talk to but not me.The way i was tossed aside like disregarded piece of rubbish, and it made me feel like trash"

"that's a little bit strange isn't it, i wonder if her mum thinks it weird?"

Honnestly i dont even care anymore may be it would be better if i left.

Maye it would be better if we all left, maybe just maybe would they be satified, that the people that have caused them all so much pain have gone. The poeple that are hurting enough insde to hurt the outside themselves, are gone. And the poeple that caused the hurt on the inside is THEM. I dont know what life has come to anymore.

everyone expects us the carry on like nothing ever happened


The End

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