I shook my head. Why was I so stupid? I had hoped that I would be able to answer at least one question by now, but over and over again I would end up staring at the questioners blankly. Maybe I was just a zombie. I wasn't going to give up the death theory anyway. Everything was new and strange. I was scared. I truly thought I had seen the end.

            It wasn't long before everyone took their seats. The teenager was back in her corner, sitting in a fetal position and crying, a strand of her dark hair falling into her face. The man was sitting in a chair next me, staring at my face. The doctor also took a seat in a swivel chair and set her clipboard down. That relieved me. I hated that clipboard.

            "Linda, you won't remember this, but you just had two brain tumors removed. We're going to have to run a few more brain scans, but your tumors were located in the temporal and frontal lobes. Unfortunately you may have suffered some memory loss from the surgery. We're going to have to run you through a few more tests to make sure you haven't lost anything else."

            I furrowed my brow. Memory loss? What did that mean? I lost something? I thought for a moment and realized that I did feel a little empty. I did feel a little lost, but I continued to believe this was because I was dead. The doctor waited for me to respond but I had nothing to say. What could I say? The doctor eventually caught on and continued to explain.

            "I'm going to call in a specialist and have him work with you. Your memory loss is probably temporary, but in the meantime, you're going to have to relearn some things. It might be difficult at first since your short-term memory may have been affected as well. I'm going to go now. I'll be back in a little bit, but you can say hi to your family while I'm gone. They've been really worried about you."

            The information she was loading me with was overwhelming and her polite curtness frustrating. She stood up to leave and took her god-awful clipboard with her. I watched her leave and turned back to the others. This was my family? Was I really so old to have a teenage daughter? My mind meandered from face to face, trying to recognize them.

            "Hi Linda," the man said with a bittersweet smile. "My name's Taylor Greene. I'm your husband."

            Husband? I had a husband? I smiled and tried to be polite. "Nice to meet you Taylor."

            This seemed to be the wrong thing to say. Suddenly the man's eyes became tear filled and puffy. I regretted saying 'nice to meet you', but what else was I supposed to say? Nice to re-meet you?

            I looked over to the girl in the corner of the room and nodded in her direction. "She my daughter?"

            The man smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Jackie, introduce yourself."

            The girl unfolded herself and looked at me with shining eyes. They were either angry, sad or scared, I couldn't tell. Either way, she wasn't happy. I felt bad. Was I supposed to somehow help my memory? Was I supposed to help my...brain thing?"

            "I'm Jacquelyn, but everyone calls me Jackie. I'm fifteen and a sophomore in high school. I play softball and like to draw. I have a boyfriend named Reece and a mother with amnesia," the girl was about to continue in her stern tone, but Taylor interrupted her.

            "That's enough Jackie, one step at a time."

            I frowned. Something seemed to be missing. "What happened to your mother?" I asked, confused. What was amnesia again?


            I looked to the man who had just spoken. He had his head in his hands, his face hidden from her. I could tell he was also unhappy. What was with everyone? What was wrong?

            The girl suddenly lifter herself from the chair and walked to my bed with a curious look on her face. I kept her eye contact and waited for her to speak. I didn't particularly like it when people stared at me, but I could easily stare down others.

            "Why are you in a hospital bed?" the girl demanded, not bothering to soften her voice.

            I was surprised that such a young thing could have so much authority. As for the question, I had no idea what the answer was. It was frustrating, especially since I knew she would be mad at me for not knowing the answer. "I don't know," I eventually admitted, embarrassed.

            The girl turned to the man with his head in his hands and glared at him, placing her hands on her hips. She was downright scary.

            "The nurse said it was temporary right?" the girl asked.

            The man looked up at me then and instead of answering to her, he seemed to be talking to me. "That's what she said," he breathed, his grey eyes gleaming with tears.

            What on earth was wrong?     

The End

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