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15th November 2010

I wrote the date nearly on the blank page in front of me, curling the letters slightly. I hadn't written in my diary in precisely three months, since the first day of my senior year but right now I found myself sat at my desk, with four hours to go until the party, and the biggest urge to write. The biggest urge to tell someone, anyone, of this strange unidentifiable feeling within the pit of my stomach, how it unsettled me so.

All I can think about is Nate. Memories keep drifting into my mind, ones of us together, smiling, kissing, laughing. I remembered back to our first date and how nervous we'd both been. How we'd awkwardly banged our heads together as he leant in to kiss me for the very first time. How I had felt beneath his electric touch. 

But why? It's unnerving to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I treasure these memories with all of my heart, but why have I got a sudden flurry of them? Why do I feel so on edge?

It's going to sound extremely silly, and once again I'm thankful that nobody knows I own a diary, but it's as though something bad is going to happen. I feel that tonight is the night that will...change my life. Ridiculous, right? I'm probably over thinking things, letting my paranoia get to me. 

I stopped writing and re-read my words, realizing just how stupid and out of place they sounded. I blushed furiously before tearing the page up and chucking it in the bin.


I was wearing a long sleeved brown top beneath a dark pink blouse, with blue jeans and brown ankle boots. I chose to pin half of my unruly hair up in a clip, to keep it out of my face. Nate was due to pick me up any minute and I was still applying last minute make up: a flick of mascara and a slick of lip gloss. 

Moments later, the doorbell rang. 

'You look beautiful,' Nate greeted me, leaning down to kiss me on the cheek. I got a whiff of his familiar aftershave, one that I had become accustomed to. 

I grinned. 'Is Marissa outside?'

'Yeah she's in the car. Before we go though, I wanted to give you something.'

He pulled out a bouquet of vivid red roses from behind his back.

'Fifteen roses, fifteen perfect months spent with you. I know this sounds cheesy, but I really do love you Arianna Fielding and I never want to lose you.'

I couldn't say anything; I was rendered speechless by his extremely thoughtful gesture. 

He chuckled slightly at my expression.

'Close your mouth Ari.' 

I threw my arms around his neck, kissing him so passionately, with all the intensity I could muster. It was all I could think of to thank him at that possible moment, no words could sum up the love I had for him, the depth of adoration and ardour I felt just being near him. No guy had ever made me feel like this before, but then again Nate really was one in a million.

'You're welcome,' he smiled, when I finally let him go. 

'Nate seriously. You're awesome.' 

He laughed. 'I know, I know.'

'Let me go put these in a vase, I'll just be a second,' I told him, heading into the kitchen. They really lit up the whole of the room with their magnificent beauty, they seemed to radiate love and warmth. I couldn't stop glancing back at them as I went back to Nate.

'They look beautiful, thank you so much.' 

'It was nothing,' he smiled again. 'Let's go.'


The place was crowded and lively as Marissa pulled up beside the Mystic Grill. She told us to head inside while she went to find a parking place, saying that she'd meet us in there. I clasped Nate's hand, guiding him through hordes of people clustered in groups of fours and fives, each holding a drink in their hand.

'The bartender must be feeling generous tonight,' Jack mused. 'Nearly everyone here is underage.'

'How would you know? We don't even know anyone here,' I muttered, suddenly feeling very shy. What if someone knew we were crashing it? What if they said something?

'I've seen them around, a few go to our school.'

'Relax Ari, we're not the only one's crashing it,' Nate squeezed my hand. 

'Is she worrying again?' Marissa appeared out of nowhere. 'You're gonna go grey early you know.'

I turned to face my best friend. She was wearing the outfit she had purchased earlier and it really complemented her. She had put a lot of effort into tonight, curling her hair and lining her eyes with black kohl. I couldn't help notice though, that Jack's eyes seemed to be trained anywhere but his girlfriend...

'Looks like some people are already having fun,' Nate laughed, inclining his head to the mass of dancing bodies centred in the middle of the diner. I noticed a few individuals, a girl with tanned skin and long blonde hair caught in a dance with a guy not much older than us, with really defining features, a chiselled jaw line and striking eyes. Something about his appearance gave me an unsolicited shudder that rolled down my spine. 

'Do you wanna head outside?' Nate asked, sensing my unease.

I nodded gratefully.

'I just need some fresh air,' I told Marissa, who was apparently trying to claim Jack's attention. She merely nodded. 

Nate took me back outside, into the fresh night. Once I had the crisp breeze tangling through my hair and dancing across my skin, I felt one hundred times better. The words from my diary entry earlier this night rushed uninvited into my mind. 

It's as though something bad is going to happen. 

'Hey,' Nate soothed. 'What's wrong?'

I noticed I was trembling all over, my breath was coming out in quick, shallow gasps and my heartbeat had increased rapidly.

'I don't know,' I told him. 

As soon as it had come on, the feeling disappeared. All sense of unease and trepidation dissipated as though it was never there and I was imagining it. I started to think there was something very wrong with me. 

'Come on, relax. We're a party. Let's just have fun.' Nate smoothed my hair, catching my chin between his forefinger and thumb, kissing me gently on the lips. I smiled beneath his touch, feeling very secure and safe. I had no reason to fear, did I?

His eyes flickered, searching for something to my right. I followed his gaze and noticed steps leading down into some sort of underground concrete tunnel. 

He grinned mischievously at me. 'Let's get some privacy.'

'Are you sure it's safe down there?' I raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

'You'll be safe with me, I promise. Come on.' 

It really was a stupid, stupid mistake to head down into that tunnel. Once again, another action that led to disastrous consequences that could have been prevented. If only I had said no. Why did I let him lead me down there? Things would be so incredibly different if we'd just stayed with everyone else.

The End

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