Retribution, noun
1) punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved
2) the act of atoning for your wrongdoings

No story is ever quite complete. There is always another chapter, a final scene, whispering in the spaces between the endpapers, dreaming beneath the cover.

There is a part to every story that no one hears, a moment obliterated from the page because it’s too late, the curtain has already fallen, the audience have left, leaving only shadows behind. After the villain is killed and the evil defeated, what then? Who stands amidst the wreckage as the dust settles around them and pieces it all together again, a jigsaw puzzle with the highest of stakes? How can anyone complete such an enormous task?

People forget that happy endings aren’t when the villain has fallen. That is just a promise of the chance of happiness.

Happiness is the part that comes later.

The End

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