An only child gets beaten to within an inch of her life, The father goes on a search for retribution

Rebbeca Felix, a 16 year old single child felt blood course down her chin as she staggered backwards from the punch. Her attacker wearing black leather gloves with studs all along the fingers. Whimpering on the ground, Rebbeca crawled back towards the wall searching for safety.

The drug deal had gone wrong, the client refusing the merchandise. Rebbeca had had a look of disdain on her face as the men haggled. Seeing this the client refused.

A silver glint under the moonlight drifting in through the window announced the arrival of his pocket knife. Slashing her arms and legs, he severed tendons and blood vessels. Even in the dark room, the blood could be seen spattered right across the walls, his face and pooling on the floor. Leaning down to her near unconcious body, he bit her ear, slowly increasing the pressure. As pressure increased, her near lifeless body came back, Screaming as her ear slowly tore off in his teeth. With a final jerk, he ripped off her ear, another spray of blood covering his face.

Red and blue lights pierced the dark, sirens only now turned on. A megaphone announcing the consequences of not giving up. Darkness once again took the fore as conciousness left Rebbeca.

The End

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