A fan fiction story I thought of for The Vampire Diaries.


I have had my fair share of bad luck in my life.

It started when I was five years old and my mother was killed in the car crash that would come to be known as a 'tragic brutality that shocked the nation.' My mother was the mayoress of Beckston, a place just outside of Mystic Falls. She was well respected, adored and she inspired many. I don't really remember her all that well, but the photos hanging in a neat line across our walls show she was a stunning woman. I had inherited her large brown eyes and glossy mahogany hair. I imagine her to be warm and caring, the type of woman who would always smell of expensive perfume and cookie dough. My father had told me that she was very motherly, she always looked after me when I was hurt and was the first person to know when I was upset.

Then when I had become a freshman at Richard Falls High School. I had reached the tender age of fourteen, only made all the worse by the fact that I had no female influence to look up to. I was beginning to experience new things: older boys, new surroundings and a completely different workload. I was shy, vulnerable and thus an easy target. People left me alone at the beginning, but when they needed something interesting to do, they'd turn to me. Because I wore glasses and braces, they would call me all the obvious nicknames: four eyes, metal mouth etc. It grew tiresome, but I couldn't defend myself. Freshman year passed by in a blur. 

All too soon, I was approaching my senior year. Because I had lost the braces, gotten contact lenses and grew past the awkward stage of teenage spots, I was considered worthy of everyone's presence. Boys began to look at me in different ways. Marissa Hartman had befriended me, something that every student at Richard Falls would know was a definite bonus point for my popularity. She was confident, beautiful and merciless. She could crush your social status within seconds if needs be. She ruled with terror. 

However, all of this seemed absolutely tiny and insignificant compared to the events that were to happen on the 5th November 2010.Everything would change that night.

This is my story.

The End

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