"I hope you are ready for zhis, Herr Makina."

"I hope I'm ready for this. But this is our only chance so we have to take it."

"But it is incredibly risky and vhat if-"

"No more what ifs. Take your bonesaw and let's get out of here."

It was past midnight at the factory, a time where Gray had gone to sleep or something and most other bots shut down for the night, leaving only themselves and the night shift guards. The door to the imprisonment chamber was still guarded, of course. Makina and Medibot could enter, but the difficult was getting them out. They would have to beat the crap out of the bots.

They had geared up with weapons, Medibot taking a bonesaw and a few scalpels for throwing, and Makina taking his sniper rifle, newly-sharpened kukri and a tazer he had snagged from one of the upper floors. It would come in handy, the tazer. Good way to shut down robots quickly by frying their systems.

Sharing a quick glance, they left the office, leaving as little trace of what they were about to do as they could. Whatever papers they had scribbled on had been burnt on their request from a passing Pyrobot who very gladly did so for them. They were eyed with suspicion as they entered the room with their weapons, but the two Heavybots guarding the door let them in anyway, assuming the weapons were meant to torture and intimidate the captives. Once the door was shut, they got to work.

"So you're really getting us out," Axel said, as Makina began to search the room for a device that would unlock their restraints.

"Yes, what does it look like, Pyro?" Makina snorted in return, finding a switch. He flicked it, but nothing changed in the room. Dammit. The controls were probably up in Gray's office, which meant he'd had to go up, or get someone to go up and do it for him. "Stay here," he said, making for the door again.

Medibot rolled up to him, surprised that he was leaving. "Vait, vhere are you going?"

"Upstairs. I'm going to find the control to set them free. Stay here." Without another word, he left the room, taking only the tazer and the kukri. The sniper rifle was left with Medibot. In case you or they need it, he had said.

The Heavybots ignored him as he left and didn't enter the room, allowing him to make his way to the lift that led up to Gray's office with ease. Less questions asked were better, in his opinion. He called for the lift and authenticated himself by scanning the microchip implanted within his fingertip. He was one of the few to have that, and thus was one of the few who could access Gray's office. The ride up was quick, and he got to work of searching for the switch in the office.

At first he tried flipping every switch he found, but realized it was too bothersome to test everything and find out what switch did what, so he quickly switched to plan B: smashing every switch in the office and hoping that one of them deactivated the locks downstairs.

He raised his knife and smashed it into the switches along the wall, shutting off lights and air-conditioners. He was unaware that this sent a message to the Mecha-Engineers to come up and fix the lights, and kept breaking things.

At the same time he searched along the tables for any information on Gray's future plans, pushing aside papers on the table and opening drawers. In the third unlocked drawer he opened, he found a pistol and decided to take it anyway in case something happened. It was then the lift pinged and Makina dove under the table.

Two Mecha-Engineers came out of the lift and wandered over to the light switches, analysing the issue at hand. "Looks like some bozo shoved a knife through it," the first bot said, brushing his fingertips along the broken switch panel. The second one nodded.

"Don't know what idiot would do this. The Maker doesn't throw knives at walls randomly. He isn't even here."

"Someone else did this. I can feel it. Let's just get this fixed and find who-" His sentenced didn't even finish as Makina rammed the active tazer into the Mecha-Engineer's back, frying his sockets from the inside. As soon as the bot fell in a smoking heap, he raised the pistol and fired twice at the other bot, kicking him in the head and dropping him to the floor. He grabbed the bot off the floor and stared at his dimming optic sensors.

"Where's the switch that deactivates the holding cell downstairs?" Makina demanded. When he got no reply, he threw the bot back down and stood up, continuing his search round the room. He wandered from the main office to the smaller rooms that branched out, continuing his switch-smashing spree. Unknowingly, he broke the right switch along the way but it made no sound, silently activating the cameras in the room to identify who had deactivated the locks, before alerting the bots downstairs.


Medibot had stayed in the room with the two captives, silently staring into space and answering any questions they had for him.

"So, how long have you been zhat Sniper's personal Medic?" Horst asked, just to break the silence.

"Vell, ve have only really known each ozher for a month or two now, but I've been vorking vith him for almost sev-" The locks on the two mercenaries suddenly opened, allowing them to get up. Instantly the Medibot was on alert mode. He shoved the rifle into Axel's hands and tossed the bonesaw to Horst. "I hope you know how to fight. Let's get out of here."

The door opened and the two Heavybots were there, shotguns raised, but Axel, despite fumbling with the rifle, managed to put a bullet through the head of one of them while Horst leapt on top of the other, the screeching sound of a bonesaw cutting through metal ringing out.

"Where's a bloody can of hairspray and a lighter when you need one?" Axel hissed.

"Forget zhat, ve can pick up veapons along zhe vay," Medibot urged, rushing out of the hallway as fast as possible. They were certainly met with resistance, but it also allowed them to grab new weapons quickly, and very soon all three of them had shotguns and a grenade launcher.

"I hope someone know how to use this thing," Axel said, turning over the grenade launcher in his hand. They also only had limited ammunition, so every shot had to count.

A good lot of bots came storming into the room, weapons at ready and pointed at them. Several inaccurate shots fired, and Axel fumbled with the grenade launcher. He pulled down what was probably the trigger and launched a grenade into the crowd of robots, the grenade exploding on impact and sending small chunks of metal flying across the room in a large spray.

The three of them raised their arms to shield themselves from the metal shards, before quickly resuming their battle through the factory. The building had not gone into lockdown, not just yet. Only Gray could lockdown the building and it would only activate if he was out of the building, which meant he was still inside.

Once they had cleared the hallway, it was an empty stretch to run, which was both a relief and fairly intimidating as all sorts of traps could have been installed in the walls.

"Vait," Horst said, holding Axel and the Medibot back. He took off his coat and tossed it down the hallway, triggering a motion sensor that activated a sentry to fire at it. "Hidden sentries, triggered by motion," he huffed. Axel frowned. How were they going to get past the hall if there were motion sensors all over the damn place?

"Wait, if they're sentries and track motion, what happens if we roll a grenade in there and they shoot it up?" Axel grinned, lifting the grenade launcher. Horst shrugged. "Go for it."

The Pyro fired a grenade down the hallway, catching the attention of the hidden sentries. One of them beeped and fired, blowing up the grenade. It didn't catch any of the sentries, it was to far from them. "Dammit, how do you aim this thing?" Axel hissed, taking another shot. That meant there were only three grenades left in the launcher. The grenade rolled closer to the wall where the sentry presumably was, and when it was shot at, the sentry blew up, along with what was probably the motion sensor.

"Wait, I think something other than the sentry blew up," Axel said. No one went to check, till the Medibot rolled ahead.

"Vait! Vhat if zhe sentry is still active?" Horst called, pulling the Medibot back. He shook off Horst.

"If it is still active, zhen at least neither of you vill be hurt. I can be destroyed, I don't feel pain, Herr Doktor," he said, rolling ahead. He paused for a moment right before the hallway, before rolling on right through the hallway. The second sentry was still active but didn't pick up the Medibot rolling by, and he turned back. "Come on, it's safe."

The two mercenaries took off at a run past the hallway, Axel almost flinching as he passed the sentry which thankfully ignored them.

"It's just through the main lobby and we're out," the bot said, grabbing them and rolling off. Out in the lobby milled more bots, which posed a problem. But no problem couldn't be solved with a gun.


Back up in the office, Makina was fending himself off from more of Gray's bot army that had been summoned automatically. He was doing quite okay, until the storm of Demobots came in with their scimitars and swords.

"Bloody hell," Makina hissed, grabbing the body of the Mecha-Engineer he had tazed and flinging it at the Demobots. They were gaining on him, one of them flipping him over onto his back. For a moment his vision flickered when he hit the ground, but he scrambled back onto his feet almost instantly and threw the office chair at them.

There were at least twenty of them in the office already, and he couldn't take them all down, even with the tazer. He made for the sprinkler, and idea popping into his mind. Like he had done with all the other buttons and switches in the room, he smashed his knife into the fire control panel, activating the sprinklers in the room. Water showered over all the bots in the room, including himself, but they were made to be waterproof so it didn't do much.

But that was not the extent of his plan. He activated the tazer and jammed it into one of the Demobots, the water sprayed over it helping to bring the current to as many bots as it could. The only con to the plan was that he also shocked himself.

He let out a metallic shriek and let go of the tazer, his vision slowly filling with static. Not all the bots had been affected and were still gaining on him, so he turned to the glass window. He ran to it, staring down. It was a good fifteen floor drop, but there was a tree around the eight floor. Maybe if he caught onto the tree he could break his fall.

More static was filling his mind and vision, and he flung himself out of the glass window, smashing the pane. He was sure to push himself as far out as possible to catch onto the tree, an sure enough crashed into the top branches of it. It broke his fall by a lot, especially since the tree was really thick and had plenty of leaves to cushion his fall. He fell down a few more branches before grabbing on properly. He was probably five floors off the ground now, enough for him to scale down himself.


Horst, Axel and the Medibot had made it outside with minimal injuries and no ammo, but as soon as they were out of the building they kept running.

"Zhis vay!" the Medibot called, taking a sharp left further into the maze of buildings. He didn't actually know where he was going, he was just following his internal navigating system to find Makina. They could still hear the bots following them and he pulled them into an dark garage, Axel rolling down the garage shutters before they all crouched behind something at the back of the garage in case the robot army came in.

They stayed silent for a good ten minutes, till Horst got up. "Let's find a light switch. I can't bloody see anyzhing in zhis darkness," he growled.

They felt around the garage, attempting to find a light switch, till finally it came on. The Medibot started randomly beeping, grabbing the attention of the two men. "What's with the beeping?" Axel asked.

"Uh, vell, I run on a battery, and I haven't been charged since two days ago and today drained a lot of power," he explained. "I vill have to be charged in zhe next 24 hours or I vill shut down. Same goes for Herr Makina, but he charges every night so he should be good for another three days."

"Right, about him. We still have to go out and find him," Axel said, sitting down on the garage floor, not caring how dusty it was.

"I zhink it vill be good if ve can charge zhe Medibot here first. Zhere's definitely got to be somezhing ve can charge him vith," Horst said. If they found maybe a power generator they could hook Medibot up to it any maybe charge him a bit before going to find Makina. After all, he did say Makina's battery was probably good for three days, so he could probably survive three days on his own.

But before they could look for a power source, the Medibot was already rolling back up the garage shutter. "Ve can charge me later. Zhere are still bots hunting down Herr Makina," he said, disappearing out the garage with a shotgun. Axel and Horst shared a look, but had no choice but to follow. The robots were the only ones who knew how to get back to Teufort from wherever the hell they were.

The End

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