"It vould be unvise to simply valk in zhere and set zhem free," Medibot said, idly poking at the covered cage. They had been sitting in the office for well over an hour now, formulating plans and coming up with escape routes of the building using the maps of the building several Scoutbots had left at the door as a joke.

Makina nodded. "I agree, Doctor. There's isn't exactly another way to go about this since we can't just kill everyone and walk out. I suppose we can try to wait a bit, maybe a couple of days before we try getting them out?"

Medibot nodded, and both of them lapsed into yet another awkward silence. There was a soft whine from outside where things were always active, but the both of them stared at each other in stony silence. Communication was clearly not their thing.

"I'm going to see if I can take shift again," Makina finally said, getting off the seat. His gears creaked as he did so, a sign of his age. Medibot stared after him for a bit, before deciding it was okay for him to follow.

A couple of other bots stared at them as they passed. They were always a curious pair, Sniper and Medic. The dumb bots never understood why they were paired together. They were uninformed of their intelligence and saw everything in a battle's point of perspective. Why a Sniper and a Medic? Snipers didn't need healing. Why not a Soldier or a Demobot or a Heavy?

The two Heavybots were there at the door again as usual, staring ahead with their blank optics as the pair approached. Oe of them turned its head to stare at them, before demanding their business in its metallic, growling, voice.

"Ve're here to see the two humans. I have full permission to access the room under orders of The Maker. The Medibot will follow me," Makina said. It was always easy to use 'The Maker' as an excuse for anything. The unintelligent Heavybots wouldn't know better.

They stepped aside, allowing the two of them to enter, even if their lit optics bore into their cold, metal backs as they closed the door behind them. They weren't expecting anything other than a grunt of acknowledgement of their presence from the two captives.

As usual, Medibot took his silent position behind Makina, still unconfident of himself and his position to speak. It was best to let someone who knew what he was doing do the talking.

A few glances were exchanged round the room, from Horst to Axel to Makina and back to Horst. From the way they looked fairly beat up, it was clear Gray Mann had let some Scoutbots have a little fun with them. Makina swung his head back to Medibot.

"Go get something to clean them up," he ordered. He was hardly ever in a position of power, and hoped he didn't sound too demanding to his friend. The Medibot nodded and exited the room, his single wheel leaving no trace on the floor.

"So, have you considered my offer?" Makina asked, hoping to break the silence and maybe get an answer. "I know that you know I can help you. You're just a bit... reluctant, to get help from a robot who works for Gray Mann."

Admittedly, what he said was true. Of course, a man's ego wouldn't let him admit it. Makina noted the silence that once again filled the room, and the way both of them refused to look at him. Medibot had returned by then, and placed his things on a table. The bot approached Horst first, causing the man to shy away.

"He's not trying to torture you, Medic," Makina said, watching with interest as he let the bot clean the thin cuts and ease the bruises with a cloth soaked in cold water. "Have either of you even thought about my offer?"

"We have, we talked about it for a bit," Axel said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, "right before two Scouts came in and beat us around for a bit."

"And what did you two discuss about?"

"We were... keen, on the idea of getting out, of course. We would definitely love to know how we can trust you first." The Pyro hissed in pain as Medibot cleaned the cut on his lip.

Makina remained silent for a bit, thinking about all the ways he could convince both of them to get on his side. It was all perfectly sensible that they would first consider if he was really trying to help them or not before agreeing to something. "I don't know how I can prove myself to you since you don't know me. All I have are my words, and the words of my friend."

Whatever he had said seemed to really invoke thoughts in both of them as they considered taking up the offer. What else did they have to lose, other than their life? They glanced across the room at each other, a mutual agreement shared through their eyes.

"Okay, ve'll help you if you help us," Horst agreed. He still didn't look entirely convinced, but Makina was willing to take what he could get.

"If that is so, we will get you out by tonight."

"Tonight? Herr Makina, I don't mean to disrespect but it may be risky if we-"

Makina turned around to face his friend. "Trust me on this. Tonight. The sooner we get this done the sooner we're out of here."

The Medibot looked away, but nodded. With nothing left to say, the two robots left the mercenaries, automatically returning to the office. Now with much less time to work out a plan, they would have to really think things through.


"Zhat vas... interesting," Horst said, his eyes drifting around the room idly. Even though they had been told they would be gotten out, it was always better to take things with a hint of doubt in case plans failed.

Two bots had returned to the room to watch over them so they didn't try anything stupid, though being locked down to a chair wouldn't allow them to do much. Both of them knew that while there where other bots in the room, it was unwise to speak, so Horst's comment was replied to with silence.

Axel wished there was a clock, so they could count down the hours before Makina and the Medibot would supposedly come for them.

The End

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