Everything was spinning.

Everything was spinning.

Everything was spinning, and blurry, and everything screamed and hurt and wailed.

Then slowly it blurred away and faded, melting away into nothing but a throb as Axel cracked open his eyes to blurry lights overhead and soft voice surrounding him. He could barely make out a few really unclear shapes at the corner of his vision, shifting a bit as he groaned.

"Ah, hello, you are awake," one of the figures said, coming closer. Axel squinted, his eyes still too sensitive to the light. He shifted himself, realizing he couldn't move much. He tugged at his restraints, confused.

"They're not going to come off, Mr Bigarsky." How did this guy know who he was? He looked down at the restraints, straps keeping him to a chair that leaned back a bit. They were incredibly strong. "So since you're here, might as well get comfortable." Axel snorted at the joke. Comfortable? Right.

The old man before him bent down to take a good long look at him. What was so interesting? Suddenly, he realized his vision wasn't darker like it was when he had his mask on. Shit, where was it? "Who the hell are you?" he spat, looking around wildly for his mask. "Where's my mask?"

The old man glanced at the robot Medic somewhere behind him, just standing there idly. "I figured you can't speak properly with it on. Plus, you got some really nice features going on down here. Why all the secrecy? Pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Gray Mann." He walked past him, spinning the chair around as well to face the opposite end of the room, where through a glass wall, Axel saw the same BLU Medic he remembered fighting with locked into a smiliar chair with his head drooping and his eyes closed. The only reassurance that he was not dead was the steady rise and fall of his chest.

"See him? You two, have something in common," Gray said, pointing to the still out-cold Medic. Axel shot him a look.

"Really now?" he scoffed, "and what is it that we have in common, apart from our mutual hate for each other?" He couldn't help but glance over again.

"An ability. Of magic. Not the same kind of magic, but I understand that you can create fire from your hands. He, can heal without the use of Medigun and Australium technology," Gray explained, making Axel's eyes light up, but not with excitement.

He narrowed his eyes at Gray. If this old man knew about something he was pretty sure only the mercenaries down in Teufort partially knew about, what else did this guy know? Grey chuckled at his lack of words. "Nothing to say, hmm?" He rounded the chair, before hading towards the door again. "I'll be back in a few hours to check on your friend over there. Just know that you're both under heavy surveillance, and one wrong move and I'll just come in and deal with you. See you later, Mr. Bigarsky," he said, the Medibot following him out before the door shut heavily and locked.

Axel looked up, scanning the room. There were no visible cameras around, but he was pretty sure he was, like Gray had said, under heavy surveillance. There was absolutely nothing to do now except wait for Gray to return, or for that BLU Medic to wake up.

He hated being restrained. It was uncomfortable and made him feel incredibly irritated and nervous. He tried to melt his restraints with his hands, but whatever material the chair was made of was clearly fireproof after a few failed attempts at burning it.

Every minute felt like an hour of staring around at the same things. There was only so much. Himself, his restraints, the floors, the walls, the ceiling, the door and that BLU Medic across the room. There was nothing else to do except close his eyes and hopefully take a nap.


Gray had immediately returned to his office after the talk with one of the captives, and was met with Makina waiting for him. "How was it, Maker?" The robot asked.

"Rather interesting. The RED Pyro has some very nice features for someone who goes around burning people on a daily basis. You did well," he said, sitting down at his desk to write down some notes on a piece of paper.

Makina waited in silence for any further orders, and when none were given, he made his way back to the lift. It was tempting to ask to follow him the next time he went back to the two captives, but he knew Gray would ask if he requested. Maybe later, so it would not be so suspicious. With nothing left to do, he returned to his personal Medibot's office.

Again he had caught the bot playing with the squirming liver, this time trying to keep it from wriggling away under his sleek, metal grip. "If- you vould just-" He grabbed it just before it fell off the table. Makina stood there, wondering what the Medibot had put in the liver thing to make it act like that. The robot quickly grabbed it and tossed it into a wire mesh cage before turning his attention to Makina.

"Repairs again, Herr Makina?" He asked, rolling up to him. He was the only other bot who actually communicated with him in a logical, human way. Every other bot in the factory just answered like it was programmed to. Makina's eyes dimmed as he walked in, closing the door behind him.

"Not now, Medibot- can I call you something else?" Makina asked, deciding if he were to enlist the help of someone else he knew and trusted, he did not want to call him a bot. The Medibot looked as surprised as a robot could get.

"Vhy? I have never had a name like you, Makina. I should zhink you are zhe first to have a name," the bot said, rolling back to the table where he proceeded to pick up a stick and prod at the squirming thing in its wire mesh cage.

Makina did a shrug, something he had learnt to do over time of watching human mercenaries do it. "I don't know. I guess you'll be the second," he said. That left the Medibot to think of a name he was comfortable with being called. Already being called just 'Medibot' was better than being called by his serial, 'MED58/201', just like how Makina was better than just SNP42/126.

"I guess you can just call me 'Doctor'. Names aren't my zhing," the Medibot said, tossing a cloth over the mesh cage so no one would see his weird little experiment.

Makina nodded in acceptance. At least that was a title and somewhat a name. "Okay, I can live with that. Have you seen the two captives, Doctor?" Makina asked, quickly adjusting to the new name. It sounded nice, to address someone he was familiar with by a name.

"Zhem? Not yet. Good job on getting zhem, by zhe vay," the medibot. Makina did the shrug again and sat down on a chair at the side of the room, watching the bot fiddle with things at his desk while Makina made audio logs he would later share


Axel watched with mild interest as the medic across him slowly woke, blurry-eyed and confused, just as he had been. It had been a little over two hours since he had talked with Gray, and he could only assume Gray would return now that the other captive was up.

He remained silent at he watched the BLU Medic react like how one tied to a chair naturally would. He was confused, the surprised, then angry. And of course, who else to blame but the one wearing enemy colours opposite him?

"Verdammt... you did zhis, didn't you?" He snarled across. Axel rolled his eyes, but couldn't blame him. When he was angry and confused he blamed the first thing possible too.

"If I did this, I wouldn't have tied myself to a chair too, Nazi," he snapped back. It took a minute for the blue eyes of his enemy to notice three things. One, his eyes were orange, two, he wore a Pyro suit and three, there was no mask.

There was no mask.

There was no mask, and behind it was a man who looked like any ordinary human, except for the eye colour.

It had come as a shock, in all honesty, to see a Pyro, in the flesh, maskless. And orange eyes! That wasn't something you saw everyday. "Something interest you?" Axel asked, narrowing his eyes. "Oh right... you've never seen a Pyro without his mask." Typical. "Well, if we're gonna break out of here, might as well get to know you. Name's Axel Bigarsky, RED Pyro. You already know that."

"Horst-Dieter Ahlbach, BLU Medic. You ah, have... orange eyes?" Horst asked. Orange eyes were definitely unnatural. Axel nodded.

"Contacts," he explained. Ah, that was it. "So, we gonna bust outta here?" Busting out sounded like a great idea, but the first step to getting out was getting to know the enemy.

The End

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