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Axel Bigarsky. RED Pyro. 29 years old. Ex-pyrotechician for firework shows. Hates tacos.

There were just some things that shouldn't be known by anyone, things that shouldn't have to be revealed by any means. Axel's face wasn't something that absolutely had to be kept a secret, but he didn't like having to come face to face with other people where they could stare at him in the eye. The gask mask was for protection. His protection. Not just from the smoke his flamethrower created, but also from the eyes of his teammates.

Not friends, he wouldn't exactly call them friends. They were close, a bit like a family, but far too different and weird to be a family. Too uncomfortable to be friends. Just teammates. He lived by that rule to never get attached to anyone on the team. Getting attached meant watching them die on a daily basis would get hard. Which meant he would start to get worse at his job, then Admin would easily kill him. Not worth it. He always had the safety net of Respawn to catch him every time he got shot, punched, burned, pummelled, blasted or beaten to death, and the idea of not having it one time scared him.

Being the team's creepy firebug meant he had plenty of time to himself as he sat alone in his room with the door locked, the only time he could feel comfortable taking off his mask and asbestos lined suit and just lie down on his bed and play with fire that generated from his fingertips. He was lying stomach-up on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and his hands as he made small spurts of fire from it. His curtains were drawn closed, though the window facing outwards were left open to let in some wind.

And the wind that blew the curtains apart ever so slightly was enough for someone very far away to watch from.

"Maker, I have found something very interesting," Makina reported as soon as the doors of the lift to Gray's office. He wanted Gray to just give him his next assignment so he could try figure out what Gray was up to.

Gray was seated in his chair, facing out the window and staring into the bleak lands of Teufort. There really wasn't much around the area. He hummed, not turning to look at the Sniperbot. Makina took that as a signal to continue.

"It seems the RED Pyro has a control of fire. Yesterday over the battle the BLU Medic did not come into contact with the RED Pyro so I did not report to you, but today the RED Pyro can generate fire from his hands. Is... is this normal?" Makina ended off his report with the question that had kept poking and bugging him in his mind. Gray smiled, turning around in the chair.

"No, Makina. It is not normal. That's why lately you've been asked to watch over both of them. Generating fire and healing through hands is not normal. Now that we've confirmed that both of them have something... special, here's our next course of action." Gray bent under the table and produced a Sydney Sleeper rifle, placing it on his desk.
"This rifle here has been loaded with a special kind of ammunition. Inside is a dart, not a bullet, and in the darts are a little... anaesthetic. We tried equipping the darts with a cloaking device but it didn't work and the dart became too large, so you're just going to have to work harder," Gray said. Makina approached the rifle, picking it up. It felt nice, slender, and looked very tribal. He liked it.

"What do I have to do, Maker?"

Gray chuckled. "I thought you would have figured it out, but no worries. We're going to capture both of them and bring them back here." Makina noted he did not say why. "You will do that with this rifle and the darts inside it. Just shoot one of them and I'll have a Spybot take care of the other and bring them back here through a teleporter."

"When do you want them by?" Makina asked, as he thought up an idea.

"As soon as you can, but make sure they're both together in battle before you shoot. Try get them as close to the teleporter which will be set up underwater in a corner on the left side of the RED base," Gray said, dismissing Makina with a wave. The robot remained silent, picking up the new rifle and leaving.

I am very close to finding freedom from this. I have realized that this task means I can possibly request help from the two mercenaries, but whether they will help me after they realize I'm the one who captured them is a whole different thing. I hope to be able to get this done soon.

Teufort was one of the slightly more boring places to fight, but orders were orders, and no one defied orders given by Admin. Ms. Pauling, maybe, but only when they knew they could get away with it. But never Administrator. The battle was still just as violent with bullets, rockets, arrows, baseballs, grenades and insults were hurled across the battlefield to and fro.

Capture the Flag was always a very loud and violent game simply because both teams always wanted to know what was in the opposite team's briefcase, but never found out for some reason. The Scouts played a key role in Capture the Flag as they sprinted for each other's base, fighting, shooting and hitting each other whenever they passed or ran into an enemy. Makina noted all this with interest, scanning the battlefield closely for the RED Pyro and BLU Medic. Focus, he told himself.

He had found the RED Pyro chasing a burning Engineer with his Axtinguisher while trying to avoid the sentry gun, a bullet or two catching itself in his arm. Deciding that the Engineer would soon die from the burning, the Pyro retreated back out and called for his Medic as blood ran down his sleeve and dripped to the floor. He was pretty close to the BLU Medic, staying out of sight as his team's Medic healed him he was ready to go, the Pyro gave a thumbs up before parting with the Medic.

He ran back out, holding his flare gun at ready. Looking back, he noticed a few grenades roll his way and fired a flare behind him to ward off the Demoman if he was followed him. He turned the corner into the BLU base, whipping out his flamethrower for tight-spaced combat. Wandering carefully now, the Pyro made his way into the base. He heard the spin of a minigun, and retreated back out. There was no way he could take a Heavy on his own, let alone one that had just come out of Respawn with full was just stepping out of the base when a syringe stabbed the wood next to his face.

Yelping in surprise, the Pyro turned to face his attacker, hissing behind his mask as he saw the BLU Medic aiming his syringe gun at him. Out came his flare gun, and he fired once, twice, before switching to his Degreaser when he realized his flare gun wasn't doing him any good. Both of them locked in combat, flamethrower to syringe gun, when the former's flamethrower clicked empty. Just as nice. That left the arsonist with his Axtinguisher, leaping right for his enemy just as the Ubersaw came out.

Makina watched with heightened interest now, letting his scope settle on the scuffle. He noted each movement, every attack, every defend. The Medic had the Pyro in a headlock, and the Pyro had resorted to using his hands, grabbing onto the German's arm and letting fire form. He leapt back with a yelp, his arms glowing blue where Pyro had burned him. Snarling, he lashed out with his Ubersaw again, trying to get every attack in now that he had the rare chance against a Pyro with no flamethrower.

Makina's crosshairs were now directly on the Pyro, deciding to make it easier on the Spybot assisting him. As soon as the Pyro was down, the Spybot would go for the Medic. He lined up his sight, made sure the Pyro's neck was exposed enough, and fired. Axel felt something sharp pierce his neck, thinking it was the Medic, he reached up and yanked the needle out. As soon as he did so, everything felt numb. His hands, his legs, his whole body. He could hardly support himself. Stumbling, he collapsed to the floor, struggling to keep his eyes open as the drug in the dart did its work.

Horst had been pretty shocked to see the Pyro go down like that. Who else was that? Sniper? His guard was suddenly up, realizing it could have been someone else. He was sure to dodge out of sight from the direction the dart had come from, but left himself exposed to the Spybot that uncloaked behind him and did the exact same thing that had happened to the Pyro.

The Spybot let the drug do its work and released Horst, letting him slump to the floor next to the Pyro. "I have both of them. Preparing for extraction," it said into its earpiece. A mumbled, static-filled reply came, and it grabbed both of them, jumping into the water and dragging them over to the teleporter waiting for them as fast as it could before its cloaking device shorted out.

Makina kept watching till the Spybot disappeared from sight through the teleporter and the Engineerbot who had built it destroyed it remotely to prevent anyone else from following. He turned to return to Gray, eagerly awaiting his next move with his two captives.

The End

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