Meet the MedicMature

Horst-Dieter Ahlbach. BLU Medic. 41 years old. Ex-military surgeon. Owns a cat named Schnaps.

The doctor had been tired the whole day, even after an hour's nap. Work had been stressful lately, especially on the battlefield. RED clearly had been training. He had been the primary target on the field today- not that he was ever not the primary target. It was a silently understood rule that the Medic was always the most important class on the team, and thus should be priority target. He didn't think so. All team members were the same and played and important part.

He was lucky to have been given the time to be able to just rest on his chair in his office with no one to bother him and Schnaps, his adorable cat, who was lying across his lap. The office was completely silent except for the gentle purr of the cat, and his own soft breathing. He shifted himself in his seat, wincing a bit at the strain in his back. That was something he had to do something about.

He could have gotten up and over to the Medigun for a more effective remedy, but deciding it was way too stressful and he would disturb Schnaps, he went for the other option of self-healing. His hands glowed a beautiful pale blue and he sank deeper into his chair as the pain in his back faded away. Schnap's purring got louder as he idly placed a glowing hand on her back, gently combing his fingers through her fur. Chances to relax like this were rare and were greatly appreciated whenever they came by.

The ability, the Gift of the Vril, as he knew it, was truly something to be treasured. It had helped him escape death a few times before Mann Co. and had proven useful in a lot of situations. Having something so special meant it was best not to mention it to anyone else, so the fact that someone else knew was terrifying, though he was still unaware of the robot watching him from very far away.

For a moment he stared at the Team Captain hat that sat across his desk. There was never a proper place to put it. Sometmes he hung it with his coat, sometimes it sat in a cupboard, and sometimes it just sat there on his desk. How long had he had the hat? Reaching forward, he picked it up to take a good long look at it, just as someone outside knocked on his door. "Who is it?" He called behind him.

If it was someone annoying like Scout and didn't exactly need him, they could wait.

"Is Heavy, Doktor," a thick Russian accent floated through the door. Horst leaned back on his chair, putting the hat back on the desk. No need for Heavy to see him all nostalgic and stuff. He sighed.
"Come in." The door creaked a bit as Heavy pushed it open and came in holding a plate with a few sandwiches on it. He knew how often Horst ate spicy instant soup and personally had nothing against it, though he thought it wasn't particularly good for him.
"Heavy brough sandwiches. Doktor do not eat spicy instant soup tonight," Heavy said, placing the plate on the desk by the hat. Horst could only manage a smile as the notion. BLU was nice, he could agree that much, but it touched him that one of his teammates would take the extra time to make him dinner.
"Danke, Herr Heavy," he said. Satisfied, Heavy turned for the door.
"Heavy leave now. Good night, Doktor." Horst remained silent as the door closed, leaning back in his chair with a sigh. He reached forward for a sandwich, tearing off a small piece of ham and offering it to Schnaps before taking a bite. The sandwich was incredibly fresh and tasty, Horst noted as he doodled idly on a notepad while chewing. Tomorrow would be another long day of fighting, he mused. Better to eat something proper and be ready.

Makina lowered his scope once again. This was the third time he had been sent out to watch the BLU Medic, and why he still had not figured out. All throughout the night he had remained in idle mode, making mental audio logs of the possibilities and reasons Gray had him watching one particularly mercenary. Why the BLU Medic? What were his glowing blue hands about? Was that normal? Was it related to why Gray wanted him to look out for him? What was Gray's next move?

Makina had forgotten to plug himself into the charger that night, and in the morning, he had been left with less than 5% battery to drag himself to Medibot's office and charge himself. That had left most of his morning for thinking and making audio logs. Gray hadn't exactly been pleased and had asked why he was idle at night and hadn't shut down instead.

"Was running a few updates. Forgot to shut down after that," Makina lied. The best thing about being a robot was that there was no worry about looking guilty.

Gray dismissed it with a wave of his hand. Makina used all his self restraint to prevent himself from asking what he was going to be doing today. "Don't forget next time. Can't afford to waste daylight," Gray said, not exactly in a stern way, though Makina got the idea he was irritated. "Now, today spend some time watching the BLU Medic again during battle. This time, take particular note of what he does if he comes in contact with the RED Pyro. Report back to me once you are done," Gray ordered.

I can't say I'm not curious to know what Gray is planning. RED Pyro? Am I supposed to look out for how BLU Medic reacts to someone so dangerous, or is there a connection on a deeper level? To have been tasked with the same thing, only to return with the same results every time, is a curiousity. I hope Gray makes his next order soon.

The End

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