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Gray Mann wants a lot of things, including magic. The ability to self-heal and create fire from his hands is much too appealing to give up the chance, and sends his personal assistant, half malfunctioning Sniperbot Makina to capture the two mercenaries who have these skills. Makina realizes how close he is to finding freedom, he requests the help of Gray's two captives to escape.

Contains swearing and some violence.
TF2 doesn't belong to me.

I've been working for Gray Mann for almost two years now. Most others get trashed in six months. It's a wonder I haven't gone into the grinder yet. I'm malfunctioning. I have a mind of my own. Maybe that is why I have not been trashed. The Maker would have replaced me by now. He has plans for me. He calls me by a name and not a number. That makes me special.

Lately Gray has been asking me to do a lot of spying and scoping out on RED and BLU. Spying is not my job. That is the job of a Spy, but I cannot question. If I ask too many questions Gray will terminate me. I do not wish for that. I have spent hours just watching RED and BLU and returning with the information that is requested of me. Gray is up to something. I cannot tell if it is good or bad but I know he is planning something big.


The robot stood back up, lowering his rifle scope. Through his blue optics he could see the RED fortress, though it was very small compared to when he had his scope raised. Registering his movement, the Heavybot behind him snapped from idle mode. Despite having worked for Gray Mann for two years, he still always had an escort when he was out scoping. Sometimes it was a Medibot. Sometimes a Heavybot. Usually it was a Heavybot unless he requested a Medibot. Being an old robot he needed plenty more repairs than usual.

The Heavybot led him back to the factory, and from there the Sniperbot was left to return to Gray on his own. Few bots wre permitted to go up to Gray's office. He had only seen Gray's personal Medibot and himself around the office. Any other common bot spoke to him through the intercom system installed.

The lift doors opened, and Gray welcomed him personal assistant back. "Ah, Makina, so nice to see you've returned from scouting," he said, coming up to greet the robot. Makina's lit eyes dimmed a bit as his light sensors retracted from the brightness of the room. No need to waste energy. "What information have you got for me?"
"Nothing special again, Maker. Today is ceasefire," Makina said. It was true, the mercenaries down in RED and BLU weren't very interesting outside of battle. Gray had walked to the other side of the room already.
"What about the BLU Medic?" He asked. Makina would have been shocked if he was capable of being so. "Has he been doing anything?"
"Negative. He just does what every other Medic does. Play with bones and his cat. Unusual, doves would have been more ideal," Makina said. Without thinking, he blurted out his questions. "Why, sir?" Gray turned around to stare at him, though being a robot Makina lacked complicated feelings such as embarrassment and anticipation and simply stared back.
Gray chuckled, and walked up to him, placing a hand on his cold shoulder. "You'll see soon. Go get some repairs and go scouting again. This time, look carefully at the BLU Medic and return to me when you are finished." Tasked with the odd job, Makina simply agreed and turned to leave, heading down to the repair station. He had a personal Medibot, which was nice. It meant he didn't have to wait in line for repairs like the rest of Gray's army did. As always, his personal Medibot was in his little office by the repair station playing with some nuts and bolts and what looked like a liver.

"...Where did you get that, mate?" Makina asked as the Medibot rolled away from the table with the liver-thing. It seemed to try and squirm away as soon as Medibot's attention was off it, and all the Medibot did was cover it with a bell jar to stop it from running away. Creepy.
"Oh- nowhere. Just somezhing a Scoutbot came back vith and gave to me. Here for repairs?" The Medibot asked. Makina nodded and let the Medibot approach him and fiddle with his wires. The usual things, oiling, replacement of a few wires, polishing. In less than half an hour, Makina was ready to go again.
"'ppreciate it, mate," the Sniperbot said, tipping his hat to the Medibot before making his leave. As usual, his Heavybot escort was waiting for him at the front of the factory, where the larger bot would lead him out into the open for his scouting. The walk back to the usual spot where Makina always scouted out from was completely silent. Makina had nothing to say and neither did the Heavybot. Robots hardly engaged in communication unless necessary.

Makina got comfortable and in a position that would not drain was much power, before raising the scope of his rifle to his optic sensors again. What had Gray asked for again? That he look out for the BLU Medic? Was he supposed to shoot him? It took awhile for the crosshairs of the rifle to locate the BLU German, but after locking onto him, following him was easy. He was in his office, playing with his cat as usual. Unlike the RED Medic he didn't really take an interest in playing with spare limbs and organs every minute of his spare time, but spent it napping, playing with his cat or- were his hands glowing? Makina did a double take, or at least in his mind.

He kept his optics focused on the Medic, watching him closely as his hands glowed. He visibly sighed and sank into his seat, the light from his palms gradually dying away. Makina had never seen something like that. Humans didn't just make themselves glow. He'd only seen other robot eyes glow, and ubercharges were not considered glowing to him. This was important.

Gray had to know.

The End

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