Chapter Three. AryaMature

              "And this, this is your room." Sue said in conclusion to our tour around the house, and the vast ground surrounding it.

             This place should have its own zipcode merely for its sheer size alone.  Standing in the hallway, on either side of my door rest old gas lanterns; burning as bright as the day they were made. The walls they clung to were wrapped with the most elegant wall paper I had ever seen. It was as if we had gone back in time, and were moving afoot in an old Victorian home, owned by lavished royals and others alike. The door itself was made of a rich mahogany, and the engravings carved into it, a depiction of a ship at sea. The ship was caught in rough waters, and I could see there was a creature holding it there. My hands instinctively moved over the door, taking in every detail as if reading its story within the markings.

"Whoa," I said aloud, in awe, as Sue turned the handle and we step inside. My eyes shifting to every angle taking in the grandness of it all. My room, in truth, was the size of a small house. Minus a kitchen, it had one bedroom, two bathrooms, a family room, and a dining room, in which sat amidst a bay window that overlooked an arboretum, and the small pond that lay beyond it. 

              "Yeah, it's definitely a step up from a casket, and a grave." She laughed whole heartedly and stepped with me further into the room. 

"You can say that again." I smiled, and move towards the bedroom where currently, there is a king sized bed, a master shower, and a closet full of new clothes calling out to me to be used. 

             Slinking to the bed, I fall atop it, and close my eyes. Each one burning as if they had  been held open for a long time. Rolling over onto my stomach, I spot the shower once more between the crack of door, and reluctantly pull myself off from the bed and head towards it. "I'll leave you to it." Sue called from the bedroom doorway. "If you need me, I'll be in the Kitchen I showed you, when your ready." 

"Thank you." I replied, and then watched her all the way to the hall, until the door sounded behind her.

             With her leave, for the first time in days I made my way to the bathroom and showered. The water hitting my skin at a general pace, although I felt no sense of temperature at all. I even made a point to turn the gauge dramatically in both directions, to see if it grew either cold or hot at some point, but it never did. Afterwards, I fell into bed and slept until the sun came up. That's when I noticed the note; I almost missed it. It was sitting absentmindedly along the dining room table, the words inside a formal invitation to dinner where everyone could dine, and greet me accordingly. "Seriously?" I exclaimed aloud, hearing my own disdain pronounced in every syllable of the word.

"Seriously, what?" A voice called from the hallway. It was a males, and oddly familiar for only having known him for a few short hours.

             "Well, good morning to you, too Killian. Don't mind knocking, the doors open." I say with a smile, although I can see he is aware of the true validity of my words. And surprising even me, he smiled appeasing my mood, and shuts the door back to. I wait dubiously, unaware if he was still even out there, until a few seconds passed, and I hear his knocks apprehensively against the doors heavy wooden frame. A laugh slips through my lips, and I yell for him to enter. "You're too kind." I say after he has passes through the doorway. 

"Well, I try." He smiles in return as he comes to stand beside me. "So how are things going so far?"

              I take a look around my room, at my tousled bed and wet towel lying astray, and turn back to find him watching me. "Well the water pressure is quite lovely, but the bed is an issue," I smile, and move to the couch where I sit facing him. "It's far too small."

At hearing that, Killian laughs, and turns to face where I am sitting. His back positioned against a dining room chair, allowing him to lean against it, and not fall. His eyes still intense, yet more relaxed as if he were enjoying himself. "Too small?" he says between a half-way smile. "You're like five foot two; that bed swallows you."

              "I'm only kidding," I laugh, and lean back along the couches slender frame. "Everything is great so far," I say and roll my eyes, biting my lip nervously as I ponder on what to say next. My inner mind begging for a change in subject. "Thank you, for asking though."

"Oh, but of course." He said, and pushed off from the chair. My eyes watching him as he went to leave. Only he hesitated standing there somewhere between the foyer, and the hallway. He raised a hand, and pushed it through his hair hastily, and I didn't know whether or not to interrupt. He seemed deep within thought. 

               "Hey Arya?" He finally said, and walked back into the room. His intense blue eyes all too suddenly back, and burning brighter than before. 

"Yes?" I said sitting up. My hand moving to the back of the couch as if to get a better grip, where I see the printed parchment of the invitation for tonight's dinner still clenched within its grip. I had forgotten I was still holding it. "Yes, Killian?" I say again, after some time had passed, in which he continued to stand there, staring down at me.

                "Nothing," He said at last, and turned back towards the hallway. "I'll see you tonight."




The End

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