Chapter Two. Part Two. KillianMature

 Sitting back, I watched as his fingers skimmed along the base of his chin. His expression wry as if debating whether or not to trust me.  Eventually he motioned to the door, and a man appeared dressed in a full suit, and closed it. Had he been there before? Turning back to face Marcus, I found an empty chair as he was pacing the small space behind his chair and the wall. Behind his back, he continued with his hands firmly tucked. His brows furrowed; the crinkles along his forehead following suit. "There is something different about her Killian. Something we should all be very cautious about." 

                       Cautious. . .? Confused, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"Think about it Killian, What is the average time someone stays below before they can be awoken? Ten years? Twenty? And how long would you say she was down there?"

                        "Oh, I don't know. Fifteen years?"

"Four." His tone was final, and abrupt.

                       "No that cant be. No one has ever been awoken so soon." I answer, all so suddenly aware of why Marcus had been curious. Had I know, I might have asked the same things.  "How is that possible?"

"That's what I would like to know. . . why was she awoken so soon?"

                        "Would the Accords know of something like this?" I ask out of my own curiosity. 

"They do, but none of it is good."

                       "So then what do we do?"

"We will do what must be done." Marcus' words encircle the air between us like a lion ensnaring his prey. 

                       "I wont kill her."

"No, of course not Killian." Marcus was quick to respond. "Who said anything about killing her? No, we will train her per usual, but keep a close eye. If anything comes to light, than that is the time we will come to a decision." 

                       I let his words sink in, as I sit frozen atop my seat; the cushioned fabric suddenly feeling hard, and overly solid as if it were stuffed with concrete rather than cotton. My mind tripped over itself trying to make sense of what I had been told. "So what of her beauty then, what had that mattered in this situation?" I ask the question before I even knew I had one to ask. 

"Because according to the Accords, there is but one reason for which someone would awaken before their time, a reason to which is far more dangerous than any of the other explanations. And one way to tell is by appearance, although that is probably debatable."

                  Leaning forward in my seat as if to hear him better, I raise a hand for him to continue. Although I can see the look in his eyes, that even he is afraid. 

"Hair, thick like silk. Skin, fair like milk. Death to all will be the day, that heaven and hell spawn to earth and play. . . Only one lay amidst them all, the bringer of death, and seeker of all. For when they awake before Heavens take; nothing will stand in their way, as all will perish under their havoc and taste . . ."

                  "Well what the hell does that mean?" I ask, mouth open and eyes wide. The foreboding since from before all too eerily coming back dauntingly. 

"It means death." Marcus said. Moving around the desk to stand next to me. He shifts, and suddenly leans back so that the weight of his desk would hold him. "It means they, whoever it may be, will kill us all."

                  "So what. . .? Hair like silk?" I ask feeling the accords words heavy on my lips. "Does silk even have a specific color? I mean, skin like milk is pretty clear, but what do we really know about what this person would look like?"

"I am not sure. Not entirely that is." Marcus said, and pushed off his desk. "Which is why we need to just keep an eye out. No one is saying she is the one, but with the worlds existence at stake, how careful could we really be?"

The End

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