Chapter One. Part Three. AryaMature

 "Oh, nice Sue. That's just great!" The male bellowed out into the darkness, which after what I had just witnessed, suddenly seemed almost darker now like she had stolen what little light we had in the first place. It's then I feel the overwhelming presence of him, his tall muscular stature, and those intense blue eyes. I swallow hard, and pray he didn't hear. "Fine, I guess I'll have to take you." He said, his grin pulled tight along the creases of his mouth.

                        Taking a rather large step in my direction, I remain motionless as he closes in on me, and reaches out. "Um, what are you doing?" I say, and take a step back. The male, I now know as Killian following suit as he steps with me.

"What, would you rather stay out here alone?" He smiled now, his tone suddenly lifting. "Or would you rather come with me, and find out what all of this means."

                       My inner mind is screaming at me to listen, but a part of me isn't convinced. What if this is a trap? What if where ever he plans on taking me ends up with me back in my grave with him? I shudder, and draw into myself. My arms pulling up to cross my chest, and I take another step back. What if he turns out to be just like him? "Hey, are you okay?" I can hear his voice in my ears, but I ignore it. "Hey, listen to me, everything will be fine." He says louder now, his hands suddenly holding the bare of my arms. Its then I look up, and find him staring down at me with and expression I couldn't place. His eyes once again boring into me, although unlike before, they were changed. Transformed into a softer more gentle version of themselves. He couldn't be more than a few years older than me, my inner mind smiles within herself.

"Will it hurt?" My voice sounds in my ears before I even knew I had said anything at all.

                       "Maybe a little your first time, but no, not usually."

I sigh, and nod my head. It wasn't like there was any other way around it, if I ran he would chase me, and if I were being honest with myself I wasn't sure how long I could keep that up- running that is. For weeks that is all I've done, and I would be lying if I didn't say it would be nice not to have to anymore. "Okay, go ahead." I say, closing my eyes as if to block out what was to come. "I'm ready."

                          He never said a word after that, only stepped closer and held his breath. Could we breathe? My mind began to wonder. Did we even need to? Suddenly I could feel the bristled tips of dust caught within the air, again as it moved and swallowed the space surrounding us. I opened my eyes, if for a moment, and caught him staring back at me. He wasn't smiling, but studying me it seemed. His pupil pulsing as if he were looking beyond my eyes, and seeing something deeper. It was then the light became unbearable, and I was forced to look away. "Give into the sensation," I could hear his words in my ear, and feel his shaky breath against my neck. 

"I'm scared." I answered him, ignoring how weak I must have sounded. 

                        "Arya, I would never let anything happen to you, but I need you to trust me." His tone was serious again, and I opened my eyes once more and found his. That had been the first time he used my name.

"I do." I said, earning a smile. It was a nice smile, full of perfectly white teeth, and genuine emotion. As if noticing what he was doing, he cocked his head, and narrowed his eyes down at me.

                          "Just, hold on." His words were broken, and with a final gust of light and air, he pulled me deeper into his arms. My face moving to rest against the soft fabric of his t-shirt, his arms holding me there.

                           Suddenly, the ground beneath us shifted, and then the light began to seep from the corners of my eyes revealing a quiet, fire-lit, room with books as far as your imagination could summon. We broke apart then, but I could still feel one of his hands along my back as if to catch me if I were in need of him to. That was when the sound of shuffling feet broke through, and together we turned and found a room full of wandering eyes. Immediately he dropped his hand.

                    "And just who is this?" A woman's voice cut through the air like severed glass, as she stepped out from the crowd, and shot a suspicious look in Killian's direction. Her short blonde hair cupping the sides of her aristocratic face, with its long, slender lines, in which would make any girl jealous. 


The End

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