Ch. 1: LanceMature

Lance fell out of bed.

It was early in the morning. He checked his watch; very early in the morning.

He picked himself up and shook his head, hoping it would take the pain away. It didn't. After getting over a brief dizzy spell, he stumbled across the room. He held his head slightly, paranoid that it would fall off. He made his way out of his bedroom and staggered into the bathroom, letting his head rest in the toilet. Lance took a couple of deep breaths and tried to let his body recover.

He woke up a couple of hours later, his head still dangling in the toilet. He rubbed his eyes harder than he should before getting up and looking at himself in the mirror. He looked dreadful. He pulled his clothes off and clambered into the shower cubicle, letting the hot water trickle down his body. He sighed softly.

He turned the water off but stayed put, watching the water drip from his body. He smiled as he looked at himself. He gave in to his craving for caffeine and quickly dried himself off before fetching a mug from the kitchen. He filled the mug before downing the contents. He had had a long night and needed the pick-me-up. He checked his watch again - now it was an acceptable hour of the day. He smiled.

He spotted his phone on the counter and turned it on. He dropped the towel alongside his other dirty washing and walked through his apartment with a grin.

"Lance?" Annie called from the bedroom. "Coming back to bed?"

His grin widened as he considered it but was distracted when his mobile buzzed twice. He grabbed it, his fingers running over the touch screen like an expert. He checked the reminder first - it told him that it was results day. His eyes widened - that had come around quick.

The other was a text from Hayley. 'See you later x'

He nodded to himself, wondering what to reply.

"Lance?" Annie was stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Come on."

He could feel her lips against his ear and her body pressing into his. He dropped the phone on the counter and turned to face her, kissing her passionately. He had time for her before he needed to go out.

The End

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