Ch. 1: MistiMature


Misti had hit the snooze button on her alarm clock at least five times when her mother burst into her bedroom, showering her half-asleep form in light. She groaned quietly.

"Get up Misti." she instructed, opening the curtains. "Now."

Misti clamped her eyes shut, getting out of bed slowly and carefully. She sat on the edge of her bed and waited until she could see again, her eyes now used to the light. It was a sunny day and she knew exactly what that would mean. She rushed over to her wardrobe, pulling out a long summer dress and smiling. She also found her bikini discarded on the floor in her bathroom and briefly scolded herself before throwing it onto the bed with her other clothes. She left her room with a spring in her step.

"Pool?" she asked, pushing the kitchen door open.

"Later maybe." Her mother replied and that was the end of their conversation. Misti was used to her Mum being busy and constantly thinking about work so now she just let her get on with it. She sorted out some breakfast before sitting in front of the large TV situated at the heart of their lounge. She flicked through the channels as she munched on her cereal. Finally she rested on a music channel and started to sing along.

"Hey Mist." Ralf called from the doorway, waving. Ralf was her sister's boyfriend and he spent quite a lot of his time at their place. Her Mum didn't like him staying over but with her being so rushed off her feet lately, Misti wasn't sure she had actually noticed.

"Put some clothes on." she replied, throwing a cushion at him. He looked at his slender body, realising that he was only wearing his boxers and blushed, picking it up and using it to cover himself up. She laughed at him, much the same as she usually did when he tried to get on with her. She didn't really like Ralf but she didn't have the heart to tell her sister; what got to her the most was the way he shortened her name.

He reappeared in the doorway. "Don't you get your results today?" he asked, still holding the cushion.

"Is that today?" she remarked, her eyes glued to a scantily clad male dancer. Ralf disappeared from the corner of her eye again.

"Yes!" he shouted from the kitchen. "Says so on the calendar."

"Oh." Misti muttered as she finished her breakfast. She left the TV on, dancing her way through the house. She dropped her empty bowl in the sink and watched Ralf move his way around the kitchen like he lived there. She caught herself looking at him for slightly too long before she called out for her Mum.

"What?" was the reply.

"Got to go out. Pick up results." Misti hollered, unsure where her mother actually was.

"When?" her mother replied as she came out of her hiding place and faced her daughter.

Misti took hold of her mother's wrist and twisted it gently so she could see the clock face on her watch. "Now." They both nodded before Misti darted off up to her room to put something presentable on. She couldn't go in her pyjamas at any rate.

The End

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