Restoring Honor

"Shayde Layten, Raena Greenleaf, and Akrua Hoofmark are on patrol. After waking up, another patrol arrives and arrests them. they are sent to jail with no knowledge of why they've been arrested. All they know is that in a few days they will be executed. However, they escape on the day of the trial, and they began life as fugitives. From there, they vow to find out why they were jailed, and they vow to change it all back to normal."


A twan bird sat on a branch over three soldiers who were resting from a night patrol. The rays of the two suns that loom over the world of Aussir peeked through the canopy of trees. The leaves of the trees, along with the grass on the ground, were covered in morning dew. The sunlight hit the dew, and it created a magical view throughout the forest. The colorful plants of the Forest of Chanelor began to spring to life after previously enclosing themselves during the nighttime. 

A ray of sunlight rested on the face of General Shayde Layten. The light awakened him, but he was well-rested and refreshed. He sat up and looked around the forest. The beauty of the forest brings a smile to his face. While he was busy admiring the forest, he had not heard one of his companions, Akrua Hoofmark, awaken. 

“Why are you so bloody cheerful?” grumbled Akrua. Shayde let out a hearty laugh, which accidentally stirred his other companion, Raena Greenleaf, from her sleep. 

“You guys are the loudest creatures on this planet,” Raena hissed while rubbing her eyes.  Shayde couldn’t help but to continue laughing. 

“Seriously, Shayde, did you smoke something before we woke up?” questioned Akrua. 

“Relax. I’m just taking in this breathtaking view. Did you know that one-?”

“Save it, Shayde,” Akrua interrupted, “we have heard enough of your stories. Do you not remember yesterday?” Shayde couldn’t help but laugh. He noticed his pet was missing. He started to look around for it. After not being able to find Hawk, Shayde whistled for it. About 100 meters away, a saber tooth tiger crawled out of some bushes. It looked at Shayde, and it immediately began to charge at him. Once it had gotten close enough, it jumped on Shayde, and it slobbered all over him. 

“Ah!” Shayde exclaimed, “Hawk! I’m getting a little too old for this!” Nevertheless, the big tiger didn’t cease the licking.

Meanwhile, Akrua and Raena started a fire in order to get breakfast ready. They noticed Shayde was still playing with Hawk. The two began to grumble. 

“While we break our backs over this fire, he’s over there having a bloody good time with that damned tiger of his,” complained Akrua.

“You know,” Raena wondered aloud, “why did he name a tiger Hawk? It’s something that will discombobulate me for the rest of my life.” Akrua ignored her.

“Shayde! Get over here and help us with breakfast!” he shouted. 

“Alright. Alright,” Shayde replied with a sigh. “Don’t go too far Hawk.” He got up reluctantly, and he headed over to the fire. “What’s cooking, Ak?”

“Just some game from yesterday. I might not give you any of it though.”  

“Oh, suck it up, Ak. Just because you don’t have a pet doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.” The rest of the meal was in silence. Meanwhile, Hawk jumped around, frolicking and enjoying the simple life. Life was still, perfect in every way. Like all evil, pain, and suffering left the world. This feeling of tranquility soon ended.

A cold gust, stronger than any storm had ever produced, pierced through the forest. It flattened plants, froze leaves, and snapped branches right off the trees. It even froze birds causing them to fall from the sky. The sheer force of the wind knocked the group over too. Just as soon as the monstrous wind came, it was gone leaving the ice it formed to melt. 

Shayde pulled himself up. He looked at the destruction this unnatural wind caused. Branches laid everywhere. Plants laid flatten and dead. The beauty of the forest was practically gone. Shayde exchanged looks with his two companions. They all looked at each other. Each had their own look of confusion mixed with fear and an ominous feeling. They just stared at each other for a while. 

It remained silent until Hawk began to growl. Shayde looked to see what the commotion was. He turned to see a squad of soldiers approaching them cautiously. They were fully armed.

“What happened now?” he muttered under his breath. His tone of voice was filled with frustration. As the squad got closer and closer, an ominous feeling grew. He stood up, and he waited for the squad to arrive. After what seemed like forever, the soldiers approached them with weapons pointed at Shayde and his companions.

“General Layten,” the lead soldier spoke with authority. What confused Shayde was the fact that they did not salute him. 

“Yes?” Shayde replied with a tone of confusion. The soldier looked him in the eye. His deep blue eyes almost intimidated Shayde as if they pierced through his inner wall of strength. Shayde did not show any signs of falter, nor fear. The soldier’s form also showed that he was a man of confidence. 

“By the orders of the King, you and your companions, Generals Akrua Hoofmark and Raena Greenleaf, are under arrest. You must yield your weapons now and surrender yourselves, or we are authorized to use deadly force.”

“What?!” the three shouted simultaneously. It echoed throughout the forest, scattering nearby animals.

“On what charges?” Shayde shouted.

“Cease. You will give us your weapons now, or we will use deadly force.” The guard spoke with a cold voice.

“What are the bloody charges?” Akrua spat back at the guard.

“Give me your weapons.” The guard would not back down.

“Not until we hear the charges,” Raena demanded.

“We won’t give you anything until we hea-” Shayde was cut off by a blow to the back of his head that knocked him out cold. Raena and Akrua were also knocked unconscious. Amidst the arguing, the 3 other soldiers bound Hawk, and they snuck up behind the trio. They chained the three generals up, and they gathered the weapons. They returned the campsite to its former state. Then, they began their infamous prisoner drag. This was when they dragged their unconscious prisoners along the ground which caused severe bruising in order to prevent an easy escape. They began the trek back to the castle. Thus began the new era of evil in the land of Aussir.

The End

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