Restoring Balance

This is actually a story between myself and a friend of mine- it is about a pair of girls who find two eggs that hatch the Great Dragons. Reincarnated as babies without any memories, the dragons depend on the girls to take care of them as the four try to bring balance back to the world. I write from Taika's point of view, my friend writes from Sables. criticism is very welcome!


Two dragons breathed each other into life: one dark with eyes of white, the other, black eyes- shadows within its light.

Together they created a new world – the light dragon, Klementos, conjuring the sun to bring clarity, the dark one, Caprice, bringing about night and molding the moon to light the path of mischief. Wanting to filled the world with life, Klementos shaped a mass of land and filled the crevices with water to nourish it while Caprice filled the atmosphere with air needed to sustain life. From their magic, they created six divine creatures; Klementos summoned the Unicorn, the Pegasus, and the Phoenix as Caprice the Griffin, the Harpie, the Siren. Each creature was given their separate region and bound to it so that their magic may help the land become prosperous. So that they would not be alone, Klementos and Caprice designed animals of all shapes and sizes to accompany them. However, these animals generated no magic themselves and provided little company.

Klementos and Caprice then poured magic into creating people – just enough so that they would be superior to animals, yet inferior to the divine creatures. Caprice breathed fire into the world to provide warmth and the creatures began talking with the people and eventually found one they favored. As time passed, one person was selected from each region to help rule and were granted both immortality and special powers depending on which creature they had bonded with. Once a year, the six –known as the Benedixit- would meet to share news of their regions. However, not all was perfect. While the dark lands were known for their mischief, some people were born with an inner darkness far graver than the playful ways of those influenced by the dark dragon. Crimes became more frequent in both lands of the light and dark creatures. When asking the great dragons what to do, Klementos and Caprice demanded that no blood was to be spilled. While small crimes were tolerated and even punished with imprisonment, unforgiveable crimes resulted in banishment to a land coated in ice. As evil spread through the land, it began to work its way into the hearts of the rulers.

Countless times they found themselves having to consult with the great dragons. Until one year, during an annual meeting of all The Benedixit, something went wrong. The next day, a great battle broke between the great dragons and The Benedixit. Even the divine creatures fought against Klementos and Caprice, leaving their regions to die out. Overwhelmed with grief, the Klementos and Caprice fought hard to defend themselves but lost in the end. As the final blow was struck and the dragons fell, a great wave swept the land. Rather than feeling stronger, The Benedixit and divine creatures felt their power drain. Though they still retained remnants of the magic they once had, whatever magic that lay in the earth and sea had been ripped away. Once vibrant colors now looked dull, and the world began to die.

The body of the once great dragons began to turn to ash. As the wind swept up the soft grey particles to carry the remains away, the voices of Klementos and Caprice joined to provide their last words.

“We will return."

The End

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