Restoration of InnalisMature

It was said that, in the years prior to Innalis, space was seen as the final frontier - the ultimate obstacle the human race had to overcome. A vast, never ending opportunity for us to further our empires, to grow our economies, and enhance our lives through exploration of the eternal void that surrounded our ultimately insignificant little home.

That, however, was a long time ago, and even with our great technology, those times are recorded in nothing but small hyda-storage computers, mere snippets of glances of a time now considered primative and uncouth.

Recorded quite well, however, was the time of Innalis. They say it was a true Utopian life, those first six centuries after Mars, on SOL1, was colonised. Our newest empire, Space, was growing at so fast a pace it was hard to keep stellar maps up to date with valid information on where we had gained rule. Occasionally, planets were found with natives - some who looked just like ourselves, others where the inhabitants were strange creatures, almost as though from some myth or other.

As had been displayed in our earlier developmental infancy, we Earth humans have a great aptitude for building dominion, and all these planets would be assimilated into our growing new empire.Of course, we used so much of our technological advances for war and conquest; it is inherent for us, one could argue, rather than for the betterment of our race and the others we met along the way.

Innalis, however, truly came when our oh so benevolent leader, the Marquis Nilat Sarkona, said that enough was enough. We had gained a large enough portion of the known space that we could now stop the ongoing conquest, and strengthen the new life we had gained as a race.


Now, however, Innalis is naught but a distantly remembered feeling of happiness and stability. Something, they say, none alive can truly remember. It is mere hearsay, though the recordbooks give a full account of the events that led to what is now a nightmare. Though, those recordbooks are kept only in the hands of the Royalism Order - those who believe that the supposed empire should be ruled by the Marquis and he alone.

I, however, am of the Liberation Guild. My name, for what it is worth, is Sylat, commonly referred to as simply Lat. And what is it that I believe in? If you listened to the Royalists, I believe in anarchy, disruption, chaos and rebellion. But, they are fools, and I have the simple principle that no one man can successfully rule over six hundred planets on his own. Each world should be given its own ruler, to govern as the people wish.

Our Guild, unfortunately, is the minority, or so we would like them to believe. We work in a network of chapters, each one tending to operate of its own accord, but each with a common goal. Though primarily individualisic, each chapter of our guild is in contact with all others, and assistance, whenever it may be needed, is always close at hand.

As for me, I have a great misfortune. I am in the Central Third chapter of the Liberation Guild. I get the elating joy of seeing the reminder of the cause of our predicament - the burning ball in the sky that isn't the sun. Nope, it is what was once our home, planet Earth. Kept burning within some archaic device that contained the planet after we successfully killed it as a resultant of our parasitic nature, ripping all resources from the planet before it rebelled. It doesn't explode, as it should have done, but it means that, on Mars, we always see our own world.

Yep. I live in this god forsaken capitol - the place of the centralised government of what is the greatest achievement ever made. Or so they would have us believe. The truth of it is that we live in a world so far from the Utopia that is depicted by the media, that one would think it a joke if ever the truth was told. So far from the majority of the so-called empire, technological advances take a long time to get here - we don't even yet have NS computer systems. Or rather, the Royalists and public don't have them. We at the Guild have been using them for some time now.

Innalis is our goal - to bring the Utopia we had once supposedly brought, back into reality, and stop what has become a tyrannical rule of a man no one has seen in over two hundred years.

The End

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